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Philippine Wedding Memorabilia and Souvenir Makers

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Here in the Philippines, it is never hard to find yourself the perfect wedding memorabilia or souvenir. The reason is very obvious with respect of raw materials and finished products and you even have an option to make your own. There are a lot wedding memorabilia raw material sources that you can buy cheaply here in the Philippines. That is if you are interested to make your own souvenirs or if you have people who are willing to help you make these lovely crafted wedding memorabilia to help make your wedding turn into a dream wedding.

If you and your partner are not interested to make your own, you can resort to wedding memorabilia and souvenir makers instead. This way, you will not have to worry if you will have the time to take care of stuff related to this preparation. But if you are interested to spend lesser cost and save for the occasion, you can try to seek out more resources and makers. One good and cheap source for any types of souvenir is Divisoria Market here in the Philippines. The sellers even offer making your customized design as you choose from the materials they already have.

If you grew up in Metro Manila, I bet it wouldn’t be as hard for you to find Divisoria Market at all to go buy raw materials for the wedding paraphernalia that you are going to use. Or if you are not familiar with the market, you can ask anybody in the area of Recto Avenue where it can be found to give you directions.

You can also take a jeepney ride from Recto Avenue going to Divisoria Market which is only a single short trip and I bet you won’t miss it if you just ask the jeepney driver to drop you off to the place or street nearest that will lead you to Divisoria Mall. When you are already off the jeepney, head for the other street way or ask for any vendors in the streets and you will be given specific info in the place. Just tell whoever you ask that you need to go to the souvenir center.

When you reach the market, you can find a whole lot of wedding memorabilia and souvenir makers and sellers along the streets. All you have to do is ask for the price of whatever you like to use for your design. You can even ask if they are willing to make the souvenir for your wedding and ask straight for the price per unit and the estimated time that the memorabilia will be finished so you can claim it in time for your occasion.

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