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Every passenger has a right

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For many of us veteran and newbie travellers, we sometimes forget that every passenger have their rights not only if you are inside an airport terminals or in ports or piers.

But did you know that, upon purchasing your tickets, you have entitled yourself with every right of a passenger until you disembark ther terminal, you are king or queen of your own terminal rights.

Major rights of an air passenger are:

  • Right to be provided with the accurate information
  • Right to receive full value of service
  • Right to compensation

These are the three major rights of a passenger.  What is the right for full value of service?

Right of full value of servie means that a passenger shall not be considered late or a no-show and shall not be denied check-in if he or she is within the air carrier’s cordoned or other designated check-in area at least one (1) hour befor the estimated time of departure (ETD) or within the prescribed time set by the air carrier.

There are too many incidents that due to the slow processing in the terminals, there are passnegers that are left behind by their flight.  To avoid such incident, you have to be in the terminal’s vicinity at least two (2) hours before your flight so that, there is no more reason for the airline personnel to delay you for your flight.

You also have the right to demand for the sufficient processing time to avoid any delay or incident like the above.

Here are your rights to sufficient processing time:

  • You must be checked-in at least two (2) hours before the ETD.
  • There is a specific counter to facilitate the checking for a flight nearing its check-in deadline at least one (1) hour before the ETD.
  • There is a specific counter for PWDs, senior citizens and persons requiring special assistance.

What is the right to compensation?

  • If a flight has been cancelled, the passenger has the right to be notified and know the cancellation at least 24 hours before the ETD.  Each passengers will have the right to be first in line for rebooking or to reimburse their fares.
  • If a flight was cancelled less than 24 hours, the passenger must be notified beforehand and reimbursed the value of the fare, taxes and surcharges and other optional fees the cancellation incurred.
  • It is also the right of a passenger to be endorsed to another carrier without and additional fare or rebook without additional charges.
  • If the flight cancellation is due to bad weather and other safety/security reasons, the passenger have the right to reimburse the full value of their fare.

If there will be an unsuspected delays within three (3) hours before the ETD, the passenger have the right to amenities like:

  • Avail free refreshments and meals.
  • Free phone calls, text or e-mails.
  • Rebook or refund their ticket.
  • Endorse to another carrier.

If there is a delay of at least six (6) hours:

  • Can avail all the right of the amenities.
  • Additional compensation equivalent to at least the value of the sector delayed.
  • To board the flight if  it takes place after the ETD and the affected passengers have not opted to rebook or refund their tickets.

We must remember our rights as a passenger if it is not your fault.  We have to consider and understand each rights and all passengers must always exercise honesty. It doesn’t mean that with these rights, we are above the law.  The airlines still has the right to investigate if they found no malice on their part.




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