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Affordable Graduation Toga Costume Rental

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White Toga Sample

Rentals for graduation toga is here once more as the graduation day for many schools happen. It is the month of March and graduation day will be celebrated here and there while parents and students as well as the alumni association of respective Manila and Philippines schools hurry up searching where to find cheap or affordable graduation toga rental.

There are many businesses that offer this service and I personally would like to make my own business in this venture. I will be putting up cheap graduation toga rental myself by next year because the date is already late. Recognition day is here and soon, graduation will follow so I have to make first my market study and see where I can start off with about Php 5ok business investment.

I’ll be opening my very own toga, costume, dress, suit, chairs and table, tent and all sorts of rentals open for people who need to get cheaper and affordable stuff to rent. This will be an all in one rental business which will probably be up next year when all marketing study is fully made for analysis of possible market share take.

For those asking how much toga costume rental is, I will be posting an update to this post to give you an overview of how much you will spend. I’ve got posted above and beside this article some sample pictures of 3 types and colors of your usual and common toga to use for awarding ceremonies and graduation day. There are available kinds for adult and for small kids and high school as well as for elementary, nursery and prep level respectively.

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68 Responses to “Affordable Graduation Toga Costume Rental”

  • dax says:

    please email me your contact no. i need to rent a toga for highschool. 50 pcs. how much per set. asap..thanks

  • Grace Salazar says:

    hi, i need 10 pcs only of black toga as costume needed on dec 5/09…how much ?: Urgent requirement pls….thanks

  • Mika says:

    Hey, please email me your contact number and the dictated price. I need about 20-23 pieces on December 3 or 4. Please reply ASAP. Thanks

  • salbehe says:

    I need three red toga. asap. please email me

  • SAM says:

    I need 10 – 20 pcs of college toga to be used as costume. How much to rent per toga. Please reply asap. Need it b next week

  • ed cortel says:

    I need 8pcs toga with color white on dec 18 at 2pm… san po kayo pwede ma-contact?

  • chesca says:

    i need 5 white toga… please email me asap thanks

  • Dolores O. Largo says:

    Hi. I need a medical school toga for Jan 20, 2010. Need your contact number.

  • Dr. Edric O. Castillo says:

    We will be needing 20 pcs of toga for our induction. Please e-mail me your contact details.

  • rowena malate says:

    I need to rent 50 university toga, tomorrow sana. please reply. Thanks. My contact number is 09278370969

  • thess pedrozo says:

    i need ato rent a graduation toga for kindergarden study 15 pcs only. How much per set. Call me at 9282983. tnk

  • Tin says:

    Hi. I need to rent a graduation toga by Monday January 18, 2010. Please email me the details. Thank you.

  • Olem says:

    HI! How much would it cost if I buy 2 pcs of toga? Please contact me 09189445360 or 2573651. Thanks!

  • li says:

    looking for toga for sale or rent…for college, high schoo, and pre elem…give me the details suppliers name, contact nos.,quotation for sale and rent price….ASAP pls… this is my no.09077313831..thanx

  • Mavic says:

    do you have a greek goddess costume?? ill be needing it for our creative photo shoot this friday Jan 29 2010… How much for the rental and where is your location??? please email me for response. Need it ASAP..thanx and God bless =)

  • mara says:

    hi,how much is toga rental and what colors do you have? need to rent 10 togas, will use on sunday,january 31,2010. please let me know asap.

  • T. Lolit says:

    I need toga for my preschool graduation. What colors do you have? How much is the rental fee? Where can I contact you? Please contact me at 6428829.

  • Raul Valencia says:

    Hi, I need around 750 togas for Elementary graduating student. Please call me @ 2131902 or txt me in my Mobile 09196534642. Look for Raul. Thanks

  • jennette valenzuela says:

    hi,we need 4 toga gown color black.we need it by february 19, 2010.pls email the amount and status asap.thank you.

  • Joyce says:

    I will be needing a toga, 1 pc, masteral, color tangerine. I will be needing tomorow, Feb, 18. How much will it cost me?

    can you give me your contact details. Thanks

  • eva burgos says:

    Kindly email to me your price list and your complete address. Thanks! God bless!

  • henry says:

    i and my friends (3 of us) need a toga tom pm. pls txt details: 09175702265.thnx

  • ramon flores says:

    Do you have a kid’s size toga? If you do, could you contact me asap? thx

  • eliza says:

    i need one toga outfit for friday, pls email me how much/where to get it?

  • Kayce says:

    How much is the rental for 10 pcs. toga (not the gown) for college? Kindly email me asap. Thanks.

  • katz says:


  • Rosette Taganas says:

    I need 1 toga for masters of law for rent. I need it by tomorrow (March 25). Kindly give me a call at 9215615 or 7881933; 09167290655 or 09224475951. Thank you.

  • arleen says:

    hi. we will be needing 19 pcs toga (round) and gowns for Masteral degree MPA (red) for our graduation next month. we wanted a round cap plus 9 pcs toga and gowns for MAED (masters in education) color Blue.

    please advise if you have and how much?

    tnx and awaiting your reply ASAP.


  • Ms. Rocel Dag-ay says:

    we need 15 MBA and 15 MAED caps for this coming saturday March 27, 2010… could you send me any contact number so that i could inquire to you directly or just text me at 09289478454 or call me at 9615497 local 103 at registrar office… this is urgent thank you

  • Rachel Dones says:

    URGENT NEED FOR 1 PC MBA TOGA . Please contact me at 09178657110. Thanks!!!

  • Sheila Villanueva says:

    Hi, i need toga for tues this coming week. My size is medium, BS Industrial Engineering. I’m looking for a good quality one. pls sms 09279388191

  • Jill Paredes says:

    Greetings! I need (22) caps with tassle and togas for grade school graduating students in on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2.

    Could you come and bring a sample to Classroom 104, Every Nation Building (across Market! Market!) in Fort Bonifacio at 2pm on Sep 21?

    To confirm meeting, please text Mrs. Jill Quimpo-Paredes at 0917 320-5455 or call her at 425-9340 (wireless landline). Thank you.

  • Francis D. says:

    I need approximately 300 sets of togas contact me asap 09228272006 or 09175277478

  • Arnel A. Cruz says:

    Hi ,

    I need one pc. High School toga for my photoshoot this coming friday , how much po iyong rental for one pc. please reply asap .



  • lyn says:

    how much for rent?

  • belle alberastine says:

    kailangan ko po ng 1 white toga, yung malapit lang dito sa alabang, magkano po.

  • Eric Darryl Lim says:

    Please see requirements below
    20 yellow togas
    20 red togas
    20 green togas

    Please email me costings.

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Pwede po ba magpagawa ng College Toga?

    Taga BF Homes Paranaque lang ako pwede pa deliver?

    this is my picture just click:
    contact me at 09065744267

  • mayette reyes says:

    please send me quotations for the following: ASAP pls!

    preschool – white toga w/o cap
    grade 6 – white toga w/ cap
    IV HS – powder/light blue toga w/ cap

  • marinell ordoña says:

    hi!please send me quotation for 10 preschool white toga with cap.tnx!

  • malou natividd says:

    Good afternoon sir or mam, please can I have your contact number? i need about 45 pcs of toga. how much per sets? where your shop here in manila… I hope you will Respond for this msg. thanks…..

  • julie ann lara says:

    Good day! I’ll be needing a graduation toga on April 8. Where can I see your shop? Please email me and kindly include the price. It is for college graduation. thank you :)

  • chie dela rosa says:

    Greetings of Peace!
    Please kindly email me how much is the rental fee for a Master’s toga for Engineering. i need it on April 7 also the location of the store. thank you

  • Hannah jill jose says:

    Hi i need 1 toga na pang masteral of nursing graduate. Wer is ur shop ? How can i get there. Pls text me asap. 09158942020

  • burn agusto says:

    Hi may i know how much is the rental of a toga? We need this nextweek. Kindly email and send details via email. Thanks.

  • Rose F. Del Rosario says:

    Kailangan ko po ng 6 na toga Black pang Adult. How Much po yun?

  • Rose F. Del Rosario says:

    Need Ko po ng 6 N Blk Toga MAgkano po ang rent nyo?

  • Josh Moritz Saints says:

    I need a black toga. I’m a high school student.(Do I need to indicate my size and height? If yes, I’m 5’6″ S or M/Size 14) Where are you located? I just need it for our debate and I’m their judge. And we are required to dress… Please contact me ASAP. And how much is your rental? Gracias… Btw, I need it on or before the 12th of November. :-) #09173209145

  • crystalle says:

    Hi! would like to inquire on rentals of black toga? kindly email. thanks!

  • jessica santos says:

    Good afternoon maam or sir? please may i know your contact number i need 39 pcs. of toga for kindergarten in eskwelahang munti learning center here in quezon city how much per piece here is my number 09232837625 i need your reply today. thanks

  • alique perez says:

    Hi goodafternoon!

    I was wondering how much your rent is? estimated number of togas needed is around 25- 30. please do contact me 09178452656


  • jp calaguing says:

    Please send me asap your qoute for 75pax of white toga that will be use on march 20. Hope yo hear from you asap…

  • chona andaleon says:

    goodmorning, e need around 100 pcs of toga, how much per set. can i have your contact number? ASAP please.

  • radz says:

    can you email me on how can i rent your black toga.ASAP.pls. thank you.

  • Bernadette Falcis says:

    I’m in LA and I want to rent 1-set of graduation toga for my daughter. She missed her graduation and I want to her to have at least a photo wearing the toga. Please email me back with details. I need it by July not later than July 1/13. Thank you.

  • Charlene Santiago says:

    Hi may I have your ersonal email address. I’ll be sending you a proposal there. Thank you. Or you may contact me at 09068228983

  • Ryan says:

    good day, i need one piece of toga to be used for a play tomorrow night, how much is the rental and is it possible if we can meet up today? please let me know as soon as possible heres my personal number 09267292253 thankyou

  • marnie abing says:

    Hi! I would like to inquire if how much is the rental for a toga? We need this one for the play scheduled on April 27th. On the picture shown above, I like the thrid one, the one used for college graduations. Thank you. You can reach me through my email add: or through my mobile number: 09212082090. Do you ahve costumes for NUNS/madre?

  • Candy says:

    I would like to inquire if how much is the rental for a black toga?

  • Virginia Velasco says:

    Hi! I need 1 piece of white toga to be use this coming friday in our school. how much is the rental cost and where is your location or is it possible if we meet up today? please let me know as soon as possible. pls. contact me 9459376.

  • Isel Clemente says:

    Hi! I need 4-5 pieces of white togas on Saturday, Oct. 25. How much will it cost me? Where are you located and is it possible for a meet up? Please do text me, 09068992176

  • nova rivera says:

    Hi! I’ll be needing 10pcs of black toga this Saturday, Nov.22. Can you please send how much will it cost and how do I get it?

    Hope to receive your response as soon as possible.


  • Mark says:

    Please send me quotation for a 20 pcs fo black toga, (no cap, just the toga)

    I would appreciate your soonest response.

    many thanks and regards,

  • jun lutero says:

    how much is the rent for high school toga? Are you capable of renting 2,050 togas at one time? Please send your reply to my email add asap

  • SJ Martin says:

    Good day. Need ko po sana ng dalawang set ng black na toga na may blue lace. need po on Feb 7, 2015 1pm. How much po? and when can we meet up? you can contact me at 09307421265.

    hoping for your soonest response.
    Thank you and God Bless

  • Victoria Abraham says:

    Urgent need a royal blue toga for kid (1 piece only) in Royal Blue Fabric. Kindly text back 09228783399.

    Thank you very much!

  • Marlene says:

    Good morning!!!
    Need ko ng toga but not rental…this for my business also( toga for higschool&elementary) us soon as possible please response by my email….I’m here and Dubai but my business partner is there in Phil..just email the quotation pls..

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