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Blind Masseuse Home Service Philippines

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Have you tried getting massage services from a blind masseuse? While others sometimes call them blind masseurs, in the Philippines, these people render the best service for your relaxation and therapy. You can even hire a home service blind masseuse for your comfort. They may also be available for a hotel room service upon request. This is also a good term especially if the treatment is regarding a massage therapy.

Choosing a female masseuse however might be not the right choice if you are male because from experience, males prefer hard massage for relaxation while females prefer female masseurs especially if it is just for some sort of relaxation. Although in massage parlors, blind masseuse are rare because they are a little bit harder to manage, you can find many of these services in the malls.

Usually a blind masseuse service would range from Php 250.00 up to Php 500.00 for 1 hour in a whole body massage of relaxing use of your choice of body spread from oil, alcohol or lotion. On the other hand, if you are looking for just a short term massage, usually just a half body treatment, you can have it for only 30 minutes depending on your preference. A half body massage could cost you from Php 180.00 to Php 250.00 but if you decide on each package to increase the time of the massage, then you have to pay for the extension request that you will make.

The extension massage means that if you want another extra 30 minutes of realaxing massage, then you pay for half the cost for a 1 hour standard time either for a whole body or a full body massage. A half body service may be done in a sitting position while a whole body service will only be done in a lying position. If you are up for a home service massage, then, a half body massage may be done in a lying position depending on your preference as the client.

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