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Globe Still Eating Up Load with Unsolicited MMS | SMS

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Globe system sucks for the simple fact that today early in the morning I just loaded up Php 120.00 in my daughter’s cellphone and made a single txt to my father who lives in Cavite. I was surprised to see when I checked my load after that txt message that all of my Php 113.00 cellphone load was eaten up and gone.

All that’s left is Php 6.00. Does Globe charge long distance on this? My god this is a clear theft from the subscriber’s money.

If a txt message costs only 1 peso, then I lost all Php 113.00 bucks. All that’s left is the 6-peso load from Php 120.00.

I thought that this “Globe eating up cellphone load” scheme was already gone with the approval of load without expiration system. How could this be? Will someone lighten me up on this?

Anyone from Globe Telecom know if these unsolicited sending of MMS | SMS (which I didn’t even prompt to receive still gets in my phone) still exist that it ate up almost all my load today (as stated above).


11 Responses to “Globe Still Eating Up Load with Unsolicited MMS | SMS”

  • Lan says:

    Hi. Same thing happened to me. Did a Balance Inquiry Saturday morning and had php400+ worth of load and now ZILCH!!! I didn’t even make a single call during the weekend. Globe, what the hell is happening?!? Get your act together!

  • randomviewer says:

    yesterday i still have 56.00 but when i tried to reply to an sms, it could not be delivered because my load’s gone. i checked my log and saw numerous myglobe mms and myglobe inet usage. wtf!

  • potpot says:

    I’m a globe postpaid subscriber. During my first two months, I’m correctly billed with the regular subscription that I applied for. During my third month of subscription, I am being charged of INTERNET services which I did not really use. I have a broadband internet so I do not need to use my phone for internet. I also started receiving MP3’s and MMS which I did not subscribe to. At first I thought these were free from globe. When I received my bill, I was shocked that all those MP3’s and MMS were charged to my Bill. It is very clear that this is a sign of corruption and theft. My Bill is still being charge with internet services even if I am not using my phone for internet.

  • potpot says:

    I also checked the globe FUN Page and I have seen how to unsubscribe to other services. But with MMS, no instruction on how to UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • gilbert says:

    this is a robbery in front of my phone,
    deducting a load for which i haven’t subscribe?
    how bullshit!
    this is not good… 2346 is a theft! if ive seen you am gonna break you.

  • Jule says:

    That’s the reason why I stopped buying load for my globe mobile.I don’t know why my load is always eaten up and receive unknown weird text.

  • ladz says:

    it has been happening for like 4 days now, first, Globe ate P15, then P10, then another P15 and now, P10 again, and i just loaded and texted my hubby for like 8 times. anu na? what are they trying to do? can they do something about it? naman!

    • Paolo says:

      same thing happened to me…reported it sa Globe… it was because of 3rd party apps. messages you get from 2346. i filed complaint hoping they give my load back but the solution is simple. Type Check and send to 2346 to see if it’s activated. then follow the instructions on how to deactivate it. in my case it was STOP send to 2346. hope this helps.

  • rosalie lomibao says:

    pkicheck naman po may mga promo messages na dumarating…taz prepaid user lang po ako..pero ang scene ganito..pag load ko ng 30 uwi bahay to join promos mg unlinet ako taz load watch: you have wero balanace di pa nakapasok sa promo..kindly help us kung paano to maresolve..since matagal na akong globe subscribers..

    • radcel says:

      hmmmm!! same things happened to me .. bumili ko ng sim card ng globe dahil my kausap akong tao na globe ang line, pg uwi ko sa bahay wla na ung free load na snsbi ng tindera , nagpaload ako ng 20 my ntanggap din akong promo pero d ko pnansin, nung magtetext na ko zero balanace na , gnawa ko nagpaload ulit ako ng 20 nkpg text lng ako ng 2 beses nung magtetext na ko zero balance n nmn,,, tsk tsk!!!! knabukasan nagload ako ng 20 almost 5 text lng zero balanace na, load ulit ako 20 d p ko nkkpgtext nareceive ko n agad zero balance … grabe globe!! pagnanakaw na yang gnagawa nila ilang beses ako nagpaload at ilang beses din yung niload kng 20 na d nagamit!!! tsk tsk!!!gnawa ko tinapon ko n lng yung sim card kng globe after kng mkausap yung taong katransaction ko…. pagnanakaw na yang gnagawa ng GLOBE!!!

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