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How To Track LBC Package Shipment Online

Many of our blog visitors seem to find it hard to see how their money remittance or package / shipment is doing after sending it and paying the LBC handling rate in the particular branch they opted in to have their stuff sent to or from the Philippines and vise versa. If you are also having a hard time tracking your package, here is my step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step By Step Guide in Tracking LBC Package / Shipment or Money Remittance

1. First thing to do is to realize that you need both an internet and a laptop or computer to access information and tools needed in order to track your shipment or money remittance. If you already have these two important pre-requisites, then you’re good to go.

2. Open your laptop or PC and connect to the internet. Look for the official LBC website. If you don’t know it, then, you can type in your browser this web address / url –

3. As soon as the page loads, try looking for the small link image or information box in the left sidebar that says “Track Your Package / Remittance. This had a small logo of magnifying lens image.

4. After finding the logo / information box, type (in the box) your tracking number. This has been given to you upon paying for the money transfer or package you want to send to another place then click “Go” or “Enter” button on your computer / laptop keyboard. If you are not able to keep your record of the tracking number, sometimes called (money transfer) control number MTCN, you will have to go to the branch where you sent your money or package to ask for it so it is really the most important thing to do for your as soon as you take in any LBC services.

5. If in case you did not find or get the information you need in the result for whatever reason, you can contact their branch hotline number in your area or send an email requesting for information regarding your package / money transfer thru their “Contact Us” page.

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22 Responses to “How To Track LBC Package Shipment Online”

  • MANUEL says:

    ilang araw ang normal delivery days of package locally?

  • Alma says:

    I send my package innfirstbweek of June…and the second one is last week of July…and until now they haven’t recieve it yet..

  • Alma says:

    I just called lbc in the Philippines they told me that they send it already in August 27,,but I called my house they haven’t recieve it’s the tracking # month of June 1083765868,,,,and the other one its in month of July..the tracking # 1055007334,,,please reply and let me know whats going on? Thanks,,,

  • jona says:

    ano na ngyari di pa dumadating ang package sa bahay namin mg 2month na ngayun november 10

  • Edna Macandog says:

    Nov 7, 2014 (9pm).
    We just called back home (Quezon City, Phils) today, our mum/sister told us that they didn’t received the cargo, I sent on 18 Sept 2014. We are wandering what is the cause of the delayed? I phoned your office and they said it is already in the Phils. It is now Nov, and the cargo still not delivered.
    Here is there tracking#10 55 29 888 6, sent 18 Sep 14.
    Thank you for your kind help. God Bless!

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