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Mobile Phone Service Provider 4-Digit Number Prefixes for Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Extelcom, Red Mobile and Next Mobile

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Just for starters for those who didn’t know, Smart and Talk N Txt and Globe and Touch Mobile network provider. Their respective number prefixes are custom assigned to them as well as other cell phone service providers in the Philippines today. Below is our list so you know which mobile belongs to which cellphone network by means of the first four digit number.

Our list may be used in a number of ways. For subscription to unlimited text, knowing which network a mobile number belongs so you will not waste your unlicall or unlitext trying to send to the wrong cell number of different network. You can also use this to know if you can call a friend, a loved one or a business client and acquaintance with your unlimited call service or send SMS via unlimited texting service.

Smart / Talk N Text Cell Phone Number 4-Digit Prefixes

0813 Smart
0907 Smart or Talk N Text
0908 Smart or Talk N Text
0909 Smart or Talk N Text
0910 Smart or Talk N Text
0912 Smart or Talk n Text
0918 Smart
0919 Smart or Talk n Text
0920 Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile
0921 Smart or Talk N Text
0928 Smart or Talk N Text
0929 Smart or Talk N Text
0930 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0938 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0939 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0946 Talk N Text
0947 Smart
0948 Smart or Talk N Text
0949 Smart or Talk N Text
0989 Smart or Talk N Text
0813 Smart
0947 Smart
0998 Smart
0998 Smart
0999 Smart (old Umobile prefix)

Globe / Touch Mobile Cell Phone Number 4-Digit Prefixes

0817 Globe
0905 Globe or Touch Mobile
0906 Globe or Touch Mobile
0915 Globe or Touch Mobile
0916 Globe or Touch Mobile
0917 Globe
09178 Globe postpaid
0926 Globe or Touch Mobile
0927 Globe or Touch Mobile
0935 Globe or Touch Mobile
0936 Globe or Touch Mobile
0937 Globe or Touch Mobile
0994 Globe
0996 Globe or Touch Mobile
0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
0817 Globe/TM
0925 Globe/TM
0994 Globe/TM

Sun Cellular Cell Phone Number 4-Digit Prefixes

0922 Sun Cellular
0923 Sun Cellular
0925 Sun Cellular
0932 Sun Cellular
0933 Sun Cellular
0934 Sun Cellular
0942 Sun Cellular
0943 Sun Cellular
0973 Extelcom
0974 Extelcom
0977 Next Mobile
0979 Next Mobile
0934 Sun Cellular
0977 Next Mobile / Nextel

If you like, I also have a comprehensive / complete list guide of the different cellphone 4 digit prefix numbers which I have posted to help Pinoys determine how to know the network of a cellphone number.

Another option is to call network provider like the Globe hotline numbers.

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