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Smart Driving School: learning how to drive safely the right way in an institute

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Smart Driving School

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In the Philippines, there are so many schools and institutes that cater to practice driving and learning how drive smart, the right way all the time. The only problem however is the fact that many of these driving schools also don’t follow the right way to teach how to not commit traffic violations. If you ask me, this could possibly be done via a curriculum that will help drivers know what is right and what is not while driving in the city streets.

The result? Drivers are having a hard time distinguishing what works and what doesn’t so that future drivers can help prevent committing mistakes and violations of street signs and rules as promulgated by the different Philippine government agencies that govern the laws to follow while driving in the streets whether in highways or in national streets.

I know that many of us have a dilemma of facing drivers with the wrong attitude while they are on the street but this has further developed an increase not just in daily violations committed but also with the increase in drivers with little or no discipline at all. Again, the result, more accidents, more violations and congested traffic and yes, eventually, an increase in the number of uneducated Pinoy drivers.

I have previously blogged about Socialites Driving School and its different branches all over Metro Manila. I also receive quite a large number of inquiries and comments on these posts / articles with the different offices found in some nearby provinces surrounding Manila. The fact that there were inquiries, means there is market to this type of service and I hope with the growing number of Filipinos looking to learn how to drive, the schools and institutes that serve driving lessons could also provide an improvised system of teaching how to obey traffic rules and identify them properly and what actions need to be addressed in trying to learn how to obey them.

Apart from other companies like A1, Gear 1, Universal, Globe, Diamond, Express, Polaris, ExpressPro, Genesis, MYC, Grace, Omega, Quickdrive, Roadwise, Formula One, Bro, JB, JoLour and Smart Driving School, there is TESDA that offers teaching basic driving and being a mechanic which every driver needs to know to be perfectly safe while in the streets. Understanding the basic troubleshooting and driving combined shall obviously produce quality drivers.

On the other hand, i’ve seen a driving company that serves driving lessons from a company based in the Philippines, Smart Driving where the professional teachers have the right qualification and professional level teaching qualities that offers onsite and offsite lectures about how to drive smart in the streets and avoid getting caught not just by traffic but with traffic rule violations. They offer pre driving orientation, defensive driving and LTO drivers license application assistance. They are also LTO accredited and their instructors have the qualification and accreditation needed. Remember that it is always best to know just like the saying that “prevention is better than cure“.

If you want to test your skills, you can check my post about LTO Exam Reviewer and you can take the test on the spot to see if you can pass it when your time comes to take the written part. For the practical test, you can always ask your instructor to teach you all basics or go check the curriculum of your driving institute to see more or less what you expect to learn out of enrolling in their course.

You can also check a video I found on how to drive safely in the Philippines by Honda, below.

You can also check their respective branches in Manila as well as the rates, fees and charges on a per hour basis for their complete course outline or the whole duration of the driving lesson. Be sure to check on your instructor if he has the necessary qualifications and accreditation from Land Transportation Office or its equivalent government agency in the Philippines. If you want, you can go check for more options in my list of driving schools in Manila.

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