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Sun Cellular Hotline postpaid, broadband and prepaid – some numbers not working

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There are actually 2 sets of available Sun Cellular hotline numbers for their official helpline online. I found them all upon visiting their official website at These contact numbers are actually either a landline or a toll-free mobile phone number appearing in 3 digits only.

Today while trying to search online to find what specific hotline number to call with respect to my problem with my new postpaid Sun Cullular phone, I browsed through their website and found out that the 2 sets of numbers I am talking about isn’t all working for customer service. Meaning, customers and subscribers will somewhat have a hard time trying to get through with one of the hotline numbers. I know because I experienced it myself.

If you try to call their official postpaid elite plan hotline (395-8888), don’t be surprised to know that upon dialing for it, you won’t get any human answer, instead, a message will be heard on your mobile phone speaker saying these lines “the number is incorrect, please check and dial again”.

Now, is that a nice way to treat customers? You bet no!

Anyway, if you want to try, below is a list of hotline numbers you can call if you are having problems with your cellphone.

For immediate assistance, please contact the Sun Cellular Hotline

*Toll free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone : 200
*Landline : (02)395-8000

Sun Postpaid Elite Plan Hotline:

*Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 888
*Landline: (02) 395-8888

Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:

*Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 333
*Landline: (02) 395-3333

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