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Father’s Day gift for Pinoys: How To Choose the Perfect Present

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It’s been a couple of days now (almost a week) and I am still trying to find and look for the perfect gift to give my Dad for Father’s Day. I tried thinking until I arrived at calling an artist friend, Lori Pacampara who is an artist if she could make me a caricature of Papa. She immediately said yes. Filipinos love giving gifts as a token of appreciation and as a sign of celebration and feast. Sometimes, we get used to giving gifts even if there is no occasion at all just to show how we love a person or anybody. Therefore, gifts are a great way to show passion and compassion.

But little do most of us realize that these cute little things and sometime humongously gigantic ones reflect our personality. Therefore also, carefully choosing which gift to give to people is a sensitive yet sensible way to show off our personality and we are all about.

Today, I came up with an idea of posting a helpful topic of how to choose the perfect gift for a loved one or anybody we want to show compassion with. First off, you have to consider which occasion it is for your present. Second, you have to know what kind of a person you are giving it too and what preferences and stuff and things that the receiving end likes. Apart from those 2 considerations, did you know that you have to consider as a third reason for choosing the right present is to determine which purpose your gift will be directed to?

Yes, you also have to consider your self preferences if you want to make somebody happy as well as you as the giving end so that all is well and things are on a win win situation instead of you just making the person you are giving a present happy. You deserve to be happy too. Most of us make this mistake. Either we give to make the receiving end happy or we make ourselves happy by pushing our preferences to the other party. That’s not the way to think right when you really want to give anything to anybody.

You have to consider the 3 basic things I have mentioned above – occasion, the receiving end preferences and likes and lastly, you own preferences based on your own feelings. Those that would also make you happy when giving away part of what and who you are. Maybe this is actually the reason why some of us decide to give love (non-material things and stuff) instead of the reverse so that all is well and happy and on a win win situation.

Getting to the topic based from my title, I wanted to let you, my readers know that if you are to choose which Father’s Day gift idea is best, try to consider what tips I have above. If you get used to it (although it is definitely a long process to go through), in the end, you will learn that good feeling deserves both you as the giver and the other party as the receiver. You might want to read a great idea from an artist friend who never ceases to make interesting, unique, compelling and somewhat full of love Father’s Day gift idea. She’s got a sample which I took from her page below. Take a look and (order) go get one for your dad today.

Father's Day Gift

Animated Cartoon Caricature Gift

Fahter's Day Gift

Sample Watercolor Caricature of Lori

Paper Pulp Craft Gift

Paper Pulp Craft Sample

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