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Tik Tock Lyrics by Kesha

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Below is our copy of Tik Tock song lyrics by Kesha. We have embedded the music video (MV) of this song taken from YouTube videos. Get the download link of this song in iTunes.Com. Mobile and cellphone ringtone may be available for download at Guitar chords, piano chords and guitar tabs may be found in or youtube lyrics. This song was once in the list of Billboard Top 100 songs 2010. For more Kesha lyrics, please use our search box feature below or go to the sidebar song lyrics category.

Tik Tock Lyrics and Music Video

(by: Kesha)

wake up in the morning felling like pdiddy
grab my glasses im out the door im gonna hit this city
before i leave brush my teeht with abottle of JAK
cause when i leave for the nigh I ain’t comin’ back

im talkin’ pedecure on my toes(toes)
tryn’ on all my clothes(clothes)
boys blown’ up our phones(phones)
drop topping, playing our favorite cds
going up to the parties
tryn’ to get a bit TIPSY

Dont stop making pop dj blow my speakers up tonight
ima fight til we see the sun light tick tock on the clock but the party dont stop -no
oh woah wo oh oh woah wo oh (xs2)

dont got a care in the world but got plenty of beer
dont got no money in my pocket but im already here
now the dudes are lining up
Cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb
Unless they look like McJagger

I’m talkin bout
Erbody getting crunk (crunk)
Boys try to touch my junk (junk)
Gonna sock em if he gettin too drunk (drunk)
Night night we going to kick this out (out)
If the police shut us down (down)
Police shut us down (down)
Po po shut us (DOWN)


You build me up
You break me down
My heart it pounds
Yea you got me
With my hands up
You got me now
You got that sound
Yea you got me
You build me up
You break me down
My heart it pounds
Yea you got me
With my hands up
With your hands up
Put your hands up
(Uuuuppp! )

Now the party don’t start till I walk in…

Chorus 2x’s

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