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How To Claim SSS Death Benefit including funeral: FAQs, types of claims, payment terms, beneficiaries, requirements, application and forms

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Social Security System (SSS) Philippines Branch

SSS Philippines

For those who are not familiar or aware of the different Social Security System policies, this is very important. If you are on your way to claim for your loved one’s SSS death benefit, this is perfect for you. Read carefully and understand before you ask questions using our comments section. All possible information you might need is already here. Further inquiries concerning death benefit may be addressed directly only to the SSS. For more information, please visit their official website at


What is the death benefit?

It is a cash benefit either in monthly pension or lump sum paid to the beneficiaries of a deceased member.

Who are the beneficiaries of a deceased member?

The primary beneficiaries are the legitimate dependent spouse until the person remarries and the dependent legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted, and illegitimate children of the member who are not yet 21 years old. In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the dependent parents shall be the secondary beneficiaries. In their absence, any other person designated by the member as beneficiary in the member’s record.

What are the types of death benefits?

They are:

the monthly pension; and
the lump sum amount.
The monthly pension is granted only to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death.

The lump sum is the amount granted to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death. The secondary beneficiaries shall be entitled to a lump sum benefit.

How much is the monthly pension?

The monthly pension depends on the member’s paid contributions, including the credited yeas of service (CYS) and the number of dependent minor children but not to exceed five.

The amount of monthly pension will be the highest of:

the sum of P300 plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit plus two percent of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service (CYS) in excess of 10 years; or
40 percent of the average monthly salary credit; or
P1,000 if the member had less than 10 credited years of service (CYS); P1,200 if with at least 10 CYS; or P2,400 if with at least 20 CYS. The monthly pension is paid for not less than 60 months.

If the deceased member is survived by legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted and illegitimate children, how is the monthly pension divided?

If a deceased member is survived by less than five minor legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted children, the illegitimate minor children will be entitled to 50 percent of the share of the legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted children in the basic pension and 100 percent of the dependents’ pension.

In cases where there are no legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted children, the illegitimate minor children shall be entitled to 100 percent of the basic pension.

How is the monthly pension paid?

The monthly pension is paid thru the beneficiary’s designated bank. The beneficiary is allowed to choose the bank nearest his residence thru which he wishes to receive his pension benefits under the “Mag-impok sa Bangko” program. This became mandatory effective September 1, 1993.

The beneficiary must open a single savings account and must submit to the SSS his saving account number and a photocopy of his passbook upon filing of application. The original passbook must be presented for authentication purposes.

Upon approval of the claim, the SSS will mail a notice voucher to the beneficiary informing him when to withdraw his benefit from the bank.

How much is the lump sum death benefit?

The primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who has paid less than 36 monthly contributions shall be entitled to lump sum benefit which shall be the higher of:

monthly pension times the number of monthly contributions paid prior to the semester of death; or
twelve (12) times the monthly pension.
The secondary beneficiaries of the deceased member shall be entitled to a lump sum benefit equivalent to:
36 times the monthly pension; if the member has paid at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of death; or
monthly pension times the number of monthly contributions paid or twelve (12) times the monthly pension, whichever is higher, if the member has paid less than 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of death.

Is there anything else a deceased member’s beneficiaries can avail of?

Yes, the deceased member’s beneficiaries are entitled to a 13th month pension payable every December and the funeral benefit, which is paid to whoever, shouldered the funeral expenses of the deceased member.

Survivorship pensioners prior to the effectivity of RA 7875 on March 4, 1995 are also entitled to hospitalization benefits under PhilHealth. They need to register under PhilHealth and must submit a DDR print-out indicating the type of claim is survivorship in nature and the effectivity date of pension or a copy of Death/Survivorship Certification issued by the SSS indicating the effectivity of the pension shall be submitted to PhilHealth.

Survivorship pensioners under the effectivity of RA 7875 on March 4, 1995 and thereafter, are no longer covered. However, those who wish to avail of PhilHealth benefits may enroll in the Individually – Paying Program (for voluntary/self-employed) or the Indigent Program (IP) of PhilHealth.

If the deceased member has not paid any single contribution, are the beneficiaries still entitled to the death and funeral benefits?

The primary or secondary beneficiaries of a deceased employee-member, who had no contribution payment at all and who was reported for coverage shall be entitled to funeral benefit only.

Are the children of a deceased member entitled to the dependents’ pension?

The dependent legitimate, legitimated, legally adopted or illegitimate children, conceived on or before the date of death of a deceased will each receive a dependents’ pension equivalent to 10 percent of the members’ monthly pension or P250, whichever is higher.

Only five minor children, beginning from the youngest, are entitled to the dependents’ pension. No substitution is allowed.

Where there are more than five (5) legitimate and illegitimate minor children, the legitimate shall be preferred.

For how long will the dependent child receive his pension?

The dependents’ pension stops when the child reaches 21 years old, gets married, gets employed or dies. However, the dependents’ pension is granted for life to children who are over 21 years old, provided they are incapacitated and incapable of self-support due to physical or mental defect which is congenital and acquired during minority.

What is the funeral grant?

A funeral grant of P20,000 (effective September 1, 2000) is given to whoever pays the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner.

What are the documents needed in filing death and funeral claims?

For Death claim

Death claim application (SSS DDR-1)
Filers affidavit
DDR Savings Account Form
Passbook (for Pension)
Report of Death (if cause of death is work-connected)
SSS Form CLD 13A (Affidavit for Death Claim, if claimant is a secondary beneficiary)
SSS Form CLD 13 (Joint affidavit, if claimant is a legal heir)
Photo of filer and valid IDs
If married, marriage certificate of the deceased and birth certificates of minor children (duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar)
If single, the deceased member’s birth certificate and marriage certificate of the parents (duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar)
Note: Other papers may be required as they are found to be necessary during the processing of the claim.

For Funeral claim

Claim for Funeral Benefit (SSS Form BPN-103)
Death certificate duly certified by the local Civil Registrar
Receipt of payment issued by the funeral parlor
Affidavit of funeral expenses
Report of Death (if cause of death is work-connected)
Photo of filer and valid IDs
Original or certified true copies of the supporting documents should be presented during the filing of the claim.

Where does the beneficiary file for the funeral or death benefit?

Application forms for funeral/death benefit can be filed at any SSS branch or representative office.


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63 Responses to “How To Claim SSS Death Benefit including funeral: FAQs, types of claims, payment terms, beneficiaries, requirements, application and forms”

  • yvannne casio says:

    gud day po!

    magiinquire po sana ako about sa contribution ng father ko. 5years lang po ciang nkapaghulog (80’s). nawala narin po sss i.d nya. 60 years old na po siya ngaun.

    ano po mga requirements and procedures para ma claim po ung pera nya?

    maraming salamat po!

  • jenniefer says:

    Panu po kung ang claimant ng death benefit e matagl ng hiwalay pero kasal sila at may anak sila…? Maari pa din ba niang maclaim ang death benefit?

  • rubilyn oinal tecson says:

    tanong ko lang po kng may nag file n regarding sa death benefit sa father ko nmatay dec17 2011 Edilberto O. Oinal

  • rubilyn oinal tecson says:

    pano ko malaman kung may nag file n sa death benefit ng father ko n si Edelberto O. Oinal

  • jeffrey says:

    follow up ko lang po ung death application ni PRISCILO REYNALES.last file po ung FEBRUARY 17,2012.kelan po kaya darating.thanks.

  • bren says:

    ask ko lng ,,kung yun member namatay yun parents nya age 60 na yun parents may ibibigay ba ang sss sa member? tnx poh,,,paemail nlng po ako sa rep nyo,,,tnx

  • marissa gonzales says:

    good aftie!!i just wanted to ask if my dad was a part of this system.He is Edward Gonzales, he died last August 2011 and i wonder if you could give me any information regarding his insurance if ever.Right Thank You

  • Harris Fulo says:

    Hi, my father passed away last March 18, 2012.
    We want to file SSS death claim and funeral benefit.
    The receipts of the burial expenses are with me but I do not know the SSS number of my beloved father since he has lost his SSS id and no E-1 copy.

    May I know his SSS number
    NAme: Dominador Fortajada Fulo
    Born: April 3, 2012

    Kindly suggest a way for me to retrieve his SSS infos. Thank you in advance.

  • milagros abel pontanoza says:

    my husband, manuel quiachon pontanoza was a member of sss. he died april of 2004 but i have not filed for his death benefits yet. can i still claim for his death benefits? may i know his status and his complete sss #? kc nagmember cia way back 1980’s pa and
    the number i found consist of only nine digits. he was born april 1, 1957. pls help. thanks.

  • jasmin says:

    papano po pag may discrepancy sa pangalan ng member for death claim naifile po sa death registry may sobrang pangalan ano po ba ang dapat gagawin kasi magkaiba sa birthcertificate. ang nakalgay po sa birth james lang pero po sa death cert james romy, ano po ba ang dapat gagawin at mga kailangan para masubstantiate na isang tao at parehong tao lang yung member. tnx

  • Raymond A. says:

    Hi! My uncle died last year. He was never married. Only recently I discovered that I am his beneficiary considering that my grandparents both passed away long before my uncle died. The problem is that his SSS id is missing. Can I still claim without his ID? Also I am more than 21 years of age.

  • moamar says:

    how can i print this page and is it alowed???

  • Gilbert Canda says:

    my dad died and he has a spanish sss id, can my mother file a claim for compensation? if so, where can i file? warm regards..

  • Sol de Guzman says:

    Hi Good day!

    My brother passed away last Nov 8, 2010 and we already submitted all the documents needed for my nephew’s pension since he is a minor and im the guardian of the child. Can you please check SSS no 03-6787509-1. pinadala po sa amin cheque PHP31,219.22 nag inquire po ako sa Espana branch but according to them dapat the main sabi ng main dapat kung san nagfile balik po kami sa Espana dapat daw pumunta kami sa Manila sa may lawton. baka po puwede nyo kami matulungan para po kasi sa pag aaral ng bata yun. Thanks

  • che che says:

    hello po,, pano ko malalaman ang sss number ng father ko (OSCAR BALABA SALINAS)? wala na po ako kahit na anong documents nya sa sss. pero member po sya nung 70’s to 80’s. pls reply, it’s a big help for us. thanks alot in advance…

  • che che says:

    may father oscar balaba salinas passed away last march 20, 2007.

  • Sumalpong, Regalado Pioco says:

    May I know the status of the death/funeral benefits of the late Regalado Pioco Sumalpong died on June 21,2012 and the Funeral Claim Application was filed and received by the office of the SSS in Ipil,Zamboanga Sibugay on July 17,2012. Please I need a reply on this inquiry as soon as possible.

  • Alma E. Alia says:

    Good day,

    Follow up ko po yung death claim benefit ng husband ko po. My husband died last March 30, 2012. I filed for the death claim benefit last June 05, 2012 at SSS Davao branch. mag 3months na po yung application ko, bakit po hindi ko pa natatanggap? Last August 04, 2012 finallow up ko po sa SSS Davao branch yung application ko, ang sabi po eh last August 01, 2012 na approve yung death claim application ko at idedeliver po yung check sa house ko thru postal office messenger. Bakit po until now ay wala parin po akong narereceive? Ano pong problema sa application ko? Pls… po follow up my application because we really need it. Thanks a lot and God Bless.

  • rowel olazo says:

    makukuha pa po ba ang death claim ng tatay ko kahit 28 na ako po

  • rowel edloy olazo says:

    makukuha ko pa po ba yng death claim ng tatay ko kahit 28 na ako

  • rowel edloy olazo says:

    pwede ko po bang malaman sss number ng tatay ko ANATALIO ALEJANDRINO OLAZO paki send na lang po e add ko po thanks .

  • lyn says:

    Can SSS member with temporary number can claim burial benefits?

    • d'marie c. caedo says:

      pwede ba ang certification of funeral instead sa OR..kasi yun po ang ginamit nga mother in law ko when claiming her benefits sa xerox copy po kami..ok ba ito na requirement?

  • d'marie c. caedo says:


    Pwede po ba ang certification of Funeral instead sa OR..since ito naman ang ginamit ng mother in law ko when claiming her ebefits at GSIS..we have here a xerox copy of the certification.

  • sharissa anne go says:

    bakit po hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa dumating ang death claim ng lolo ko na si Roberta Gabison Briones na ang ang benificiary ay si Anecita Briones Go..finile ito last february 16, 2012..tnx poh.

  • Camela Valdez says:

    hello po … Just wanna ask .. my father Died last june and were trying to transfer his Pension to my mom … ask lang po sana namin kung paano yung process and what are the needed requirements?? thanks :)

  • Diana Mae L. Monana says:

    Hello po,
    Pano ko po ma process yong pension ko?namatay po ang asawa ko last september 1 2012. at ako po ay nag ta trabaho po bilang dh sa dubai..meron po bang paraan na ma e process ko kahit wala ako sa bansa natin?

    Help me pls.

  • Socorro Vael says:

    gusto ko lang malaman kung how many months ang processing ng death claims ng mga dependents completely filed na sya sa SSS may possibility bang makuha it ng iba without my consent?

  • erwin alamares says:

    how many days the transferring of death pension to beneficiary?

  • lirio anduarte says:

    gusto ko pong i-report sa inyo yung kapitbahay namin na hanggang ngayon ay tumatangap ng bwanang pension smantalang may 1 taon nang patay ang survivor pensioner. di nila i-nireport sa sss nung sept 2011 ang pagkamatay ng kanyang nanay. taga pangasinan po itong survivor pernsioner paano at saan pwedeng magreport? ito lamang pong information ang maibibigay ko. survivor pensioner-veronica marcos b-day oct.8, died sept 20,2011 taga san marcos, pangasinan. sana at magawan po ninyo ng aksyon patuloy po clang kumukuha ng monthly pension kahit patay na yung survivor. pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan ang ginagawa nito.

  • lirio anduarte says:

    pls. give an attention to my complain regarding ito sa pension ng patay na pero patuloy na tumatangap ng pension survivor pensioner veronica marcos b-day oct 8 1929, died sept 20 2011 , taga pangasinan po. ang kumukuha po ng monthly pension ay yung anak nyang c veraly marcos. taga b38 l22 simona san isidro taytay rizal. yan po ang bahay nyan. bigyan pansin nyo naman may 1 taon na clang kumukuha ng pension smantalang patay na yung SURVIVOR.

  • gilberto sta.rita says:

    gaano p ba katagal ung cheke ng death benefit kc mag 2 months n po ung claim nmin sa namatay kung anak n si raybee jean sta rita sss no.3393029290 hanggang ngaun wala pa pwede ko po b mlaman kung naimail nba . salamat po

  • she says:

    good am po. halimbawa po patay na yong member, di na din qualified ang mga beneficiary. san mapupunta ang sss na contributions ng member?? thank you.

  • jennette garcia says:

    ask ko lang po my makukuha ho ba benefeciaries kung kamamatay lang kung makukuha nya ung 13th month nya for december nmatay palang nitong nov.27 2012,.pls reply thanks po..!!

  • mark aggabao says:

    paano po ba malalaman kung kelan makukuha yung pension ,naipasa na oct 20 yung form pero wla paring sulat na dumadating sa nanay ko, sabi po sa kanya darating ng katapusan ng nov pero wla pa. jan 2 ngayon

  • jollan says:

    good day,
    pumanaw ang tatay ko last oct 13, 2012 at meron siyang ibang pamilya,
    naiwan ang 2 halfsister sa amin kasi patay na rin ang nanay nila at cla ay minor pa.
    pina process namin ngayon ang SSS ng tatay namin
    sabi sa amin merong makukuha yung 2 kapatid na babae pero kaming mga anak sa 1st family wala daw.
    tama ba yun?
    hindi po ba meron kaming makukuha na lump sum?
    pls po tulungan nyo kami kasi pakiramdam namin niloloko kami.
    thanks in advance…

  • albert ranopa says:

    ung father q namatay nung dec 29 2011 nag file na po kmi sa sss nung oct 15 2012 binigyan na rin cya ng pbi card para dun pumasok ung pera kya lng hanggang ngayon wl pa rin.gaano ba katagal un makuha?nag follow up kmi sa sss palaging sinasabi hintayin lng daw wla silang excact date kung kelan sana maayos na nila yan kasi kawawa naman ung mga umaasa sa kanila tnks

  • lailani a.cularte says:

    gud pm po, pwede po ba ipa follow up itong death claim ng co-teacher ko.Namatay ang husband nya na isang bus driver last february 12,2013.hindi po alam ng wife nya na dalawang beses na po cya ng apply, so may dalawang sss # ang husband nya.hanggang ngayon wala pa daw cyang na claim.matagal ba talaga ang procesong ito?marami kasi clang anak naiwan.maraming dapat bayaran,kaya ng susumamo po ako.pwede po malaman anong dapat gawin para makuha na ang death benefits ng co teacher ko.taga provinsya po ako.ang bagal ng ipil branch,dito sa ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY….

  • Tina Lopez says:

    good Evening… tanong ko lang po.. ang Father ko po ang Member sa SSS. Namatay na po sya noong Dec. 2004. at beneficiary nia ang mom ko. Namatay lang po ang mom ko nito March 2013. meron po ba kaming makukuha na claim? Salamat po. sana matulungan nio po kami…

  • Marianne says:

    About sa funeral check pag na aprobahan na at binigyan kana ng botcher may kasamang checki na ba yon? Kc sabi ng kapatid ko my Hawak na raw syang bother Pero walang checki sabi one months padaw bago makuha ang checki Hindi ko ma intindihan my naka pag sabi sa akin na dapat sabay daw yon yong botcher yon na daw yong checki ano batalaga help pls

  • rosa dorosan says:

    inquiring the status of death claim filed april 10, 2013. binan branch..member assistances..of Corazon Amandi as member:SSS no..03-238697…Rogelio beneficiary..dissable brother.this was filed by Rosa A. Dorosan. eldest sister in behalf of Rogelio Amandi. ..please reply…thank you very much for your kind assistance..Yours truly,Mrs.Rosa A Dorosan

  • Arlene Oliva says:

    When do can get the SSS death benifits of my sister Jennifer comcom.

  • Carmelita Diga says:

    What is sss number of my husband. He have two numbers and idk which one is the eligible one. Please help me. These are the numbers 02-02752473 and 331463954-6

  • Ronnie Salting says:

    Good day this is Ronnie Salting I pabor to follow up the SSS Burial of my Father ALEJANDRO APOSTOL
    SALTING.Last September 5,2013 will be filed to a Branch SSS San Francisco Del Monte,Quezon City.My BENEFICIARY is my Mother MERCEDITA PEREIRA SALTING and I receive the STUB.From now own I follow up to claim.

  • jessie ordona says:

    Kylan po makukuha ni ordena pilayan ung death claim ni jose pilayan?

  • Ana Grace says:

    Gud day,, Follow-up q lng po ung sa death claim ng nanay q VICTORIA WINIFRIDA DACUYA PRIETO, DIED AUGUST 24, 2012 ang beneficiary ay 5 pero ng dumating ang tseke nagkulang kasi naging 8 na ung beneficiary sb ng SSS Goa Branch- Bicol Camarines Sur mag follow-up dw online.

    Tnx sana ma ayos nyo 2 kz matagal.

  • theresa mendoza says:

    gud day!sir/mam,ifofollow up ko lang po sna ung death claim ng father ko MAGNO AGUAJON CARPIZ ,SSS#0324966147,.my mother file it last november 8,2013 .application#B05DO3DTI31311080001 FOR DEATH CLAIM..hoping for your fast action regarding this matter..thank you and god bless..

  • felicidad says:

    Mag i-inquire po sana ng status ng death claim filed noong Jan. 07 2014.Sa main office,sa Diliman Quezon City…kay Mr. Rodolfo Gundran SMSR MAC Diliman…SSS member : Romulo N. Liguit SSS #: 04-014-5994-6…pa follow up po sana nung delayed check…please reply, yun lang po thank you.

    -Felecidad F. Liguit

  • rhaphelene says:

    pano malalaman kung mag kano nakukuha sa death clam????

  • lhen says:

    Hi. May marereceive po ba aq sa death claim benefit ng mader ko po ba? Nung bata pa kasi aq may monthly pension na kc aq nahinto png nung 17yo aq na nagwork den 18-21yo d na aq nagkwork pero nkita sa system ng sss na 17-21 la aq nrrcv na monthly pension ko. Pano po ba counting ng yrs na yan 4 years o 5 years po ba? Pero may mrrcv po ba aq na dapat sana till 21 yo aq although im 26 now

  • lhen says:

    May marereceive po ba aq sa death claim benefit ng mader ko po ba? Nung bata pa kasi aq may monthly pension na kc aq nahinto png nung 17yo aq na nagwork den 18-21yo d na aq nagkwork pero nkita sa system ng sss na 17-21 la aq nrrcv na monthly pension ko. Pano po ba counting ng yrs na yan 4 years o 5 years po ba? Pero may mrrcv po ba aq na dapat sana till 21 yo aq although im 26 now

  • gilda says:

    maam pa follw lng yun funeral and death claim ng father ko angel acapuyan carpio sss#010055018 namatay nung june 23 2014 almost 1 month na na file yung sss funeral and death claim hanggang ngayun wala pa please assist me to follow regarding this matter thank you

  • says:

    Hi im jocelyn G reyes anak ako ni avangilina P gelbore namatay siya noong november 16 2008 ito young sss #0614295188 niya tatanungin sana kung sinu yung beneficiary niya

  • Florentino says:

    Please Register My account in

  • janry says:

    TPano po ma laman kung kailan darating ang funeral claim EDWIN BACO MATIN na may ss no. 0733217953 na process noong january 22 2015.

  • eduardo cantillan says:

    tanong ko lang po kung kailan kaya dating nung death benefit claim naming magkakapatid..pinasa ko nung Dec.29,2014. death claim ng father ko is felipe cantillan with sss # 0400055435, application Number D02D04DT1412290002
    ..tnx po

  • Tessie Acebedo says:

    May ma ke-claim po ba ang nanay ko sa sss kahit benificiary sya ng namatay ko ng tatay…
    Bali pensionaire sya from pension of my deceased father.

  • theresa gerolaga says:

    Ano ano po ba ang makukuha naming 2 magkapatid kse dna po kme mior? Namatay po sya nito lang april 10

  • theresa gerolaga says:

    Ano ano po bang benefits ang makukuha nming 2 magkapatid ngaun pong namatay n ang mother namin n si nemia aldaba santos nitong april 10, 2015.

  • theresa gerolaga says:

    Ano ano po bang benefits ang makukuha nming 2 magkapatid ngaun pong namatay n ang mother namin n si nemia aldaba santos nitong april 10, 2015. Matagal npo sya nagpepension. 35 yrs old npo ako atv32 yrs old npo ang kapatid ko

  • regina hiponia says:

    tanong ko lang po bakit di nakaregister yong hulog ko sa main matagl n po ako naghholog

  • regina hiponia says:

    paano ko po maiiayos yong aking sss

  • Grace jimenez says:

    Pacheck Lang po ng status ng sa mother ko funeral and death benefit kung na release na po..last September 1,2014 sya namatay…sss number nya 03-3323891-8

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