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SSS Downloads and Downloadable Forms

Below is the quick list of SSS downloads and downloadable forms that you can get at the official SSS Philippines online inquiry website. I have categorized them all into my own set of list so that you can see which among the forms you can use and download. You also have the option to directly print any of the SSS forms you can find below if you have a computer printer.

Downloadable Social Security System (SSS) Forms

  •   * Application for Condonation
  •   * EC Medical Reimbursement Benefit Application (B-301)
  •   * Contribution Collection List (R3)
  •   * EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness (B-309)
  •   * Personal Record (E-1)
  • * EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness (B-304)
  •   * Application for Social Security ID (E-6)
  •   * Non-Working Spouse Record (NW-1)
  •   * Self-Employed Data Record (RS-1)
  •   * Employer Registration (R1)
  •   * Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Reply Form (ACOP Form)
  •   * Contributions Payment Return (R-5)
  •   * Contributions Payment Return for Self-employed & Voluntary Members RS-5)
  •   * Specimen Signature Card (L-501)
  •   * Claim for Funeral Benefit (BPN-103)
  •   * Claim for Sickness Benefit (CLD-9N)(CLD-9A)
  •   * Claim for Retirement Benefit (DDR-1)
  •   * Claim for Disability Benefit (DDR-1)
  •   * Claim for Death Benefit (DDR-1)
  •   * Claim for Maternity Benefit (Mat-1)(Mat-2)
  •   * SSS Flexi-Fund for overseas Filipino workers (OW-1)
  •   * SSS Flexi-Fund for Overseas Filipino Workers (DDR-2)
  •   * EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness (B-300)
  •   * Real Estate Loan Payment Return (REL-9)
  •   * Salary Loan Application (ISL-101)
  •   * Member Loan Payment Return (ML-1)
  •   * Moratorium Program in the Payment of Member Loans (Application Form)
  •   * Application Form for Penalty Condonation (Application for Condonation)
  •   * Employment Report (R1-A)
  •   * Request for the release of web log-in password for Employers (Request for password)

For more accurate information, please refer to the official SSS online inquiry website where you can find specific detailed report regarding your SSS concerns. As a tip, it is best to access SSS at night or visit my SSS website guide when there is fewer people trying to access there. Accessing clogs sometimes causes the website to go offline and servers to fail.


86 Responses to “SSS Downloads and Downloadable Forms”

  • Pat Ortiz says:

    Can you please kindly send me the downloadable or pdf form called the annual confirmation of pensioner reply form (ACOP form) and its accompanying instructions. Thank you very much.

  • Linda says:

    Hi. I am living abroad. I need to fill up and sign ACOP, once done, do you know if its possible to scan it and email to my daughter ( with authorization) ?. Hindi kasi minsan nakakarating sulat ko sa kanya ( kahit wala namang importanteng laman) Kaya either nag e-email ak or pinapadala ko na lang sa kung sino man na may uuwi.Mahal naman kung thru Fed Ex.

  • leticia romero says:

    pls help me know if my pension regularly send to my account,,im here in israel,,my atm is lost so my chilldren cannot withdraw it,,so pls help me also know my bank account number and the sss number of my late husband alfredo romero jr,,im lost i dont have any number at all,,pls help me to secure all of this and send to my email ,,thanks a lot and godbless

  • Geraldine says:

    hi.. is it possible to submit an scanned ACOP form to the SSS office? thanks

  • randy bechayda says:

    can you please kindly send me a downloadable or pdf form of claim for maternity benefit(MAT-1)-(MAT-2) and its accompanying instruction,thank you very much.

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