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SSS Retirement Form Application Requirements and Download

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SSS Retirement Benefit ClaimAre you about to reach your SSS retirement age? At 60 years old, did you know that you can literally claim for your retirement benefit from the Social Security System office in the Philippines? If not, allow me to guide you through the process and procedures as well as what you will need in order to apply for retirement with the SSS through a series of FAQs I have prepared to make it easier to answer your questions and doubts regarding the rules and regulations of this agency of the Philippine government.

What is SSS Retirement Benefit?

Please note that the retirement benefit is a cash benefit or incentive given to any qualified members via 2 ways which are either a monthly pension or lump sum (collect all). Qualified members will have to be at least 60 years old and is no longer employed or engaged in self-employment. If in case the member is employed by a private company or is self-employed, he or she can only claim the retirement benefit upon separation from employment or once the member reaches 65 years old. As part of the SSS requirement, all claimants need to have at least 120 monthly contributions in total or equivalent to 10 years prior to the semester of retirement. This is a qualification must follow rule.

For Underground Mine Workers

Underground mine workers on the other hand have a different case. Conditions are being implemented before the claim for SSS retirement benefit for these types of workers.  With this category of job, you have to be employed or have worked as an underground mine worker for at least 5 years (continuous or accumulated) and must be at least 55 years old prior to the semester of retirement. Date of retirement must be not earlier than March 13, 1998 and with at least 120 monthly contributions, 60 years old employed or not and have paid 120 monthly contributions prior to semester of retirement.

In this case, if you qualify for the said SSS benefit program, then you may either get the SSS DDR-1 form for application or you may also download the said claim form by visiting the official SSS website at

Special Cases of Claim

In terms a member is under a special category wherein he or she is already 60 years old and above, separated from employment and are not continuing contributions to the SSS on their own and was not able to complete the required 120 monthly contributions, you can still claim for your retirement benefit. How to claim it? First off, you have to know that you are only entitled to a lump sum benefit on your case. This means that you are going to get the total contributions made by you as a paying member in your previous years and on your behalf.

How to Apply for SSS Retirement Benefit

There are just a few things to remember in filling out the form DDR-1 for claiming your SSS retirement benefit. One of them is to remember to USE BLACK BALLPEN ONLY. Carefully read all the instructions at the back of the form. All information needed when filling up the form should be written in all caps or capital letters only. Be sure to not make any false statements while filling up the form. This is falsification of public documents and is punishable by law. Write only N/A for not applicable items.

Once done completing the information requirement of you on the application form DDR-1, don’t forget to check the box for your option on whether you want to receive the first 18 months of the monthly pensions in advance or not. Please take note however that in availing for your first 18 months pay of monthly pension in advance, a certain percentage amount of proceeds will be deducted from your total amount receivable on your benefit which means that you will not get the full amount of your pension amounting to 18 months. This also means that your pension will start to sent to you via bank on the 19th month or adter 1 and a half year (1 1/2 yr). If you are already receiving other pensions like death or disability of a loved one or immediate family and is the beneficiary, don’t forget to indicate it in the form together with your SSS number.

How to File for SSS Retirement Benefit and Documentary Requirements

1. Certification of separation from last employer if SSS member is less than 65 years old and certification portion of Retirement Claim Application was not accomplished by last employer

2. Certification of:
a. Non-practice of profession
b. Non-renewal of business permit
c . Transfer of ownership

3. Certification of cessation of business issued by the local barangay

4. Affidavit of Cessation of: (if self-employed member is less than 65 years old)
5. Non-practice of profession and no earnings

6. Affidavit of separation in the absence of employer’s certification of separation (if last employer no longer exists)

7. Marriage contract

8. Birth / baptismal certificate of dependent children duly registered with the local Civil Registry Office, NSO, parish and church.

9. Proofs of affiliation for illegitimate children

10. Passbook ATM or Visa Cash Card enrollment form if benefit is pension

11. SSS Card or 2 valid IDs both with signature and at least 1 with picture / photo

How to Know When your Application was Approved

Upon approval of your claim, you will get a notice voucher from the SSS which informs you regarding the details of payment made to you and when you can withdraw from the bank you provided upon application for your claim or retirement benefit to the Social Security System office.

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24 Responses to “SSS Retirement Form Application Requirements and Download”

  • Artemio Copronel says:

    Anong form ang kailangan sa pag papalet ng Address at pagbabago ng bank account para sa retirement direct depocit


    Ask ko Lang po kung paano ang gagawin ko pag nasa US na ako paano na yong monthly pension ko,alam kong pinag rereport kada taon ang pensioner.

  • Imelda c. Gutierrez says:

    Can i fill up sss application form for retirement online? How? Where will i download the form that i will be needing to fill up.

    • Antonio garcia says:

      I would like to inquire if we can apply a retirement on line or shall we go home in phils I live in us also
      My wife want to continue to pay her SSS in the phils . Coz she stop working in the phils and short of
      3 more years in order to qualify a pension from the phils. Right ow she 62 years old.
      Tks request to reply asasp

    • carlito sapaden says:

      i am residing in the US but I will be 60 years old by march 10,2015. I completed more than 10 years as far as I know. Can I file now and submit it on line?

    • carlito sapaden says:

      should I come home to file my retitrement,I have a loan since 1996 unpaid also, how will affect my pension

  • Sonia Cabarrus says:

    I would like to inquire about my brother’s retirement. He worked and lives in Australia and
    when he asks for his pension in Australia he will be required to ask for his Philippines SSS
    pension. They will deduct the pension he will receive from the SSS from the pension he
    will get from the Australian Government. He worked in the Philippines for almost 20 years
    and was a member of the SSS. He is an Australian citizen

    Thank you.

  • Lolita Caruncho says:

    I wish to apply for my retirement benefit. When I went to SSS office branch at Shaw Bldv. cor. Tiosejo St., I was made to fill up a request for contribution Posting. According to the in charge there, I made a sudden increase of sss contributions the reasons of which were explained in my attached letter. They say for VM/SE Clearance. That was on June 18, 2014. As for now, I would like to know the developments from there. When can I officially file for retirement claim benefits. Thank you.

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