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SSS Website and Online Inquiry Center Guide

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Many have been misled in the internet because they do not know the actual SSS Philippines official website. Much more, I found out that there are so many SSS online inquiry guides that were not complete. Mistyping the website alone can get any visitor confused when presented with the results.

In response to this clamor, I have prepared this short post that hopes to help my fellow Filipinos to get to the right website they need to access using online inquiry or search.

You can visit my post on SSS contribution online inquiry for guidance or if you are just interested to find the SSS contact number, e-mail and land address, you can visit here.

( You can copy in your browser, the address I have provided here inside the parenthesis if you are already uncomfortable with clicking on links. Alternately, you can also visit the homepage at – ( I hope the guides I have in this post may be able to help you all. Good luck.

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231 Responses to “SSS Website and Online Inquiry Center Guide”

  • Honeylyn A. Tomas says:

    how can i get static information? and sss employment certificate?

  • mardy says:

    how can i inquire my sss contribution

  • ice says:

    i want to aplly in your office mam.
    may i knpw ur email add so i can sebd my resume through your email add.
    thank you.pls reply.godbles..

  • Aurora C. Tan says:

    This is my first time to claim a sickness benefit from SSS… We’ve been working on it two weeks after I’ve met an accident on May 9, 2009. Requirements of the SSS have been fully submitted after more than ten times of pabalik-balik with the branch where we filed it. Now that we finally got the stub for claiming purposes at the main office, they said that it can be browse in the internet or website of sss. I’ve tried it and I have read under SICKNESS ELIGIBILITY this note :

    *with overlapping confinement

    What does it mean? Please help…

  • maryann dimaculangan says:

    i need to open the website of sss goverment in philippine

  • erlinda lobaton says:

    can u pls send me my sss number coz i had a hard tym to go to ur office to inquire.
    thank u…


    Good pm… I would like to inquire on how to reactivate my sss membership status…i am at present working as musician in kuala lumpur,malaysia…Please advice.thank you very much

  • Alcher R. Galpo says:

    I want to check my total SSS contributions starting 2005. thanks

  • Elmor C Francisco says:

    2001 i get salaryloan and i not yet finish to pay may i know how much my pinalty now

  • joseph subito dayandayan says:

    Dear::maam, sir,
    can u plz give me my inquire of my sss so i can fallow up on it.. i,m to bz to go in ur oofice due no vicant time. thank u…

  • nicodemus j. dioso says:

    masyado kayong maloko sa mga tinituro niyo sa tao kung panong mag-inquire ng simpleng loan balance lang..ang dami niyong mga kalollkohan itigil niyo na lang itong site niyo!!

  • leano sylvia says:

    gud pm po, gusto ko lng po malaman ung sss loan status ko ito po ung sss nuber ko…….33-3743753-4 thnks po

  • leano sylvia says:

    gud pm po, gusto ko lng po malaman ung sss loan status ko ito po ung sss nuber ko…….33-3743753-4 thnks po

  • cathy says:

    how can i access my sss files?i only have the sss number..i havent paid the contribution for the past year.


    please send me my summary contirbution. the site is very does not tell anything.

  • Edwin C. Herrera says:


    May I request of my SSS contribution history, #0390932383.
    Please send my summary contribution starting 1990.
    So that I can know and be able to update me about my contribution.

    Your consideration is highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.


  • Alexandra M. Herrera says:


    May I request of my SSS contribution history, #3308161606
    Please send my summary contribution.
    So that I can know and be able to update me about my contribution.

    Your consideration is highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.


  • dales says:

    please send my sss summary report

  • Leah Marie H. Bautista says:

    Can you please send me my sss number, it’s very difficult to call the main office to retrieve info. Thank you.

  • Roxan Maggay says:

    please let me know if my status is already married..i applied for it last july 28 at Antipolo City, they said after a month, i will received a confirmation about it..but still, nothing. hope you can help me..thank you

  • Salcedo, Pablo A. says:

    madam/ sir;

    I really need to know my sss summary report.
    Please send me a copy of my sss contribution.
    I am thanking you in advance…
    more power.

  • michael sison says:

    you have your online contribution inquiry icon but it does not direct us to the correct field and it’s just going back to the loop. most of us simply wanted to check if our employers or agencies have been remitting our contributions. why can’t you simplify that instead of directing each option to another menu? may i ask for an updated breakdown of my contributions? and please you can send me the link or email attachment. thank you.
    my SSS# 03-7524685-8, i do appreciate your assistance in this regard. thanks again.

  • carol says:

    kindly send to my email my list of contributions as soon as you receive this email. thank you.

  • carol says:

    here is my SSS # 33-7970372-1. pls send to my email the list of my contributions as soon as you receive this email. thank you

  • archie san diego says:

    how can i get my total contribution starting 2005. thanks my sss # is 33-5487218-5

  • alfredo fernandez says:

    Pls. send to my email how to register online so that i will be access my sss no.3307432857. thanks

  • ronaldo basa fuentes says:

    kindly send into my email my salary loan balance and my contribution.thank u

  • Dennis Ibarrola says:

    where can i check my sss details and remitances by using the ss number only, why need to log in? this one very easy for the people.

  • donna galinato says:

    when will i get my verification id # ….its almost 2months..

  • anthony says:

    Good day,
    Itanong ko lang po kung paano maretrieve yun SSS number ko kc nawala yun card ko & I dont remember my SSS #. Can you help me? Thanks

  • mark jason r. agulto says:

    can you please me my ss no.? lost my pink form, i forgot my no..

    name- mark jason r. agulto
    bday – July 14, 1977

  • rebecca says:


    How can i change my status online? i had created a an information for online member, and said my password will be sent to my e-mail account as what i had provided, but it wasn’t. So, i can’t access my membership online. Can you help me pls? thanks a lot.

  • George samson says:

    how can i know my contribution



  • Joshua Villacampa says:

    My father died last may 1999 on vehicular accident. do we still EC pension?

  • JUVY says:

    To be a part of this. . . hmhmh

  • Alma A. Manahan says:

    Gud pm just want to know why until now my mother wasn’t able to received her notice regarding her pension. Can we inquire it thru this website. Thank you!

  • Elmer lim Cordova Jr. says:

    how can i know my sss number?hence, i apply before but then again i ,lost my e-form?

  • dailyn tungala says:

    can you please check the benefits of mr. anthonio t. cordovero? then kindly send me a copy, tnx

  • sonia aliman says:

    i have unpaid loan, may i know the status of my loan as of January 2010?

    aliman, sonia D.

  • sonia aliman says:

    my father died when i was 7 yrs. old my aunt told me that my father was a member of sss when he was still alive, he was working at the McArthur Park in Leyte as maintenance personnel. When my father died he did not received any sss benefits. Can i Still claim my father benefit/s as a member of sss before? my fathers name is “Roque Daga”.

    Jose Joedel Daga

  • randy graza says:

    my father is 61 years old paano ko po malalaman yung total contridutuin nya

    nung binata pa daw cya ibang surname ang ginamit nya at bday paano ko kaya namin ma trace un halos 7 year baw po nya ginamit un limot na baw po nya

  • janice veloso says:

    please send me the copy of my contributions from the beginning….august 9, 1980 ang birthyday ko.

    pasama na rin ang contribution ng mother ko…34-1861034-8 ang number ng id nya.

    at yung sa father ko matagal syang nakahulog sa ss kaso nawalan sya ng trabaho at nadisgrasya pa ng nag pa file ako ng disability wala akong nakuha bkit ganun ang sistema? cesar veloso jr ang pangalan niya pwde po ba malaman

  • Tricia J.Deang says:

    Its my first time to avail of my maternity benefit,I am sven month pregnant, i asked sss if i could avail of my maternity benefits. Hindi na raw, kasi its my sixth pregnancy. I had three miscarriagesHanggang 4 pregnancy lang daw. I have not used my benefit khit minsan.Is this fair?

  • Shirlyn V. Catalasan says:

    please send me the copy of my printout SSS actual premium contribution, this is my SSS# 33-6730922-1

  • Shirlyn V. Catalasan says:

    i need it as soon as possible to complete my requirements for my sickness notification……….

  • Ruth Mallorca says:

    I am married to mr. Jonathan S. Mallorca last 1997 and got separated in principles sometime last 2005 before he left for a contract as a seaman. The manning agency were he is employed just removed my name in the rolls of alottee. When I ask them regarding my case, i was not satisfied. Accdg. to them, they do not have a choice because they are just receiving/taking infomation from mr. mallorca, that we are separated without asking any legal document (court order) to support for his claim as separated. so we are just receiving support from which s very very small amount compare to what he is receiving as a license Master Mariner. with the 2 children we can hardly sustain our daily subsistence with only P20,000 month support. My concern is this, how can i ensure that my 2 children (pamela p. mallorca and ysabelle p. mallorca is included as beneficiaries of mr. mallorca being the legal family? can they just appoint anybody to his discretion? Pls. enlighten me regarding this matter. Thank you very much and more power!!! Ms. Ruth P. Mallorca. Can i ask a favor is it possible that this query of mine will be kept confidential and will not be publish in the future. Pls reply to my email posted. Is it possible from your end to furnish me a copy of his contribution. Again thank you.

  • Rex Madronio says:

    Just one thing, can u show me how to or what are the steps to take a employment history from the online system. thank you

  • Elena B. Iman says:

    good morning. My father has been receiving his monthly pension since he retired from work. Last December 2009, he was able to receive his pension but he was not able to receive his 13th month pay benefit. For the the month of January 2010, we did receive his check for his pension for the said month. We were just wondering why my father hasn’t received his 13th month pay benefit? Thank you

  • Mark Charles Antonio says:

    How to create a user account for SSS?i cant go to site because user and passpord are required.

  • amal says:

    hello, 1 week na ako dito sa website nyo para mag register . . . . pero laging error . .. . pwd ba 2mawag? d2 ako sa abroad at gus2 ko maipagpatoloy ang holog ko kaya ako gus2 mag register para malaman ko kung magkano balanse ko sa loan. O di ba, may balak pa akong magbayad! may malasakit ba, Sana naman makapag rehistro ako kahit d2 man lang sa pc. Pls answer kung bakit, baka joke lang itong site na ito.

  • amal says:

    btw, this is my number 3332633919. Just pls email me nlng sa username and password kung error man lang lagi d2 and or any info about my status para malaman ko rin how many years akong nakapagbayad, tnx kabayan

  • lorraine says:

    is the maximum contribution of an employee is 500 per month? and for the employer 1090 per month?

    • Philippines Review says:

      NO, SSS monthly contribution amount depend on the salary bracket standards from an table that the SSS release every year.

  • mary jane marcelo says:

    here is my SSS # 34-0582213-6. pls send to my email the list of my contributions as soon as you receive this email. thank you


    here is my SSS# 33-7946367-6. Pls send to my email the list of my contributions as you receive this email. thanks you.


    i lost my SSS ID in Dubai….i just want to know my SSS number… Thanks…

  • zenaida l serapio says:

    greetings. please help me, our housing loan benefit was used by my sister in law. after 2yrs my husband died and she claimed the benefits for her own. they was able to get my signature by forging , because i was in saudi arabia on that year. now they cannot get the title because the national home mortgage wants our signature. but we dont want them to take the title unless they communicate to us. how can you help us

  • gloria Ramos says:

    please help me to know the number of my husband Eduardo Mercado Ramos he die last oct 20 2009. this is the info of my husband birth day june 23,1948 hope i can get the contribution of my husband pls help me to get the burial….hope u can e-mail me the number and the contribution of my husband soon thank you so much…

  • Bethuel Glenn Requiroso Impas says:

    dear sir/mam:
    gusto ko po sana magrequest to view my contributions sa SSS. kasi need ko lang para d na po ako pipila sa SSS office. kasi lagi pong mahaba ang pila at hindi po ako makaabot sa last number person.
    This is my personal details in case you will send my request:
    Name:Bethuel Glenn Requiroso Impas
    Birthday: November 3, 1975
    SSS #:06-1724214-1

  • Rosabella L. Clemena says:

    Kindly send me via email the step by step procedure for applying a new SSS ID.
    My uncle who is in abroad now lost his SSS id and he wanted to get a new one.

    Thank you

  • Imelda R. Guiruela says:

    Goodmorning po!

    I am Ms. Imelda R. Guiruela,born on November 24, 1969. I was recently a member of your own institution since July 1991 to 1992 with my social security number of 33-1007825-3…I would just like to ask maam if my account number is still active because I am planning to rene my account. Please respond me asap through my email add at

  • William A. Geneston says:


    can u please help me trace my sss number?’s my complete name: William Alico Geneston…kindly send it to me via email?.. thnx

  • federico macapar pablo says:

    my father is already 68 yrs.old,will u pls send me his summary of his contribution if he is already capable of being a penssioner.

  • jay de guzman says:

    how can i register to view my contributions when im currently in between jobs and have no employer ID.? i should be able to access those information even if im currently unemployed!!!

  • sharlyn santos says:

    Gusto ko po sana malaman kung yung total disability and partial disability sa SSS ay kasama sa christmas bonus? i need to know as soon as possible for my grandmother.
    Please kindly reply immediately as soon as you read this message. Please send it to my e-mail Thank you…

    • Philippines Review says:

      Hindi po ako sigurado kung kasama yan… and for one, hiwalay ang Christmas bonus ng mga pensioner sa kanilang disability benefits.

  • RODEL TANA says:

    good day

    may i request to send in my email address of my monthly contribution i need this copy for my future references..thank you for you kind consideration..

    this is my information…RODEL BELARMINO TANA…MY SS NUMBER 3323504112 OCTOBER 30 1977 IS MAY BIRTHDAY

  • aladin mahinay says:

    according to alotte legalities, read poea contract and law agreement..yes , the OFW itself will be the one to choose who will be his/her beneficiaries..sometimes in cases like that you need to settle with the concern individual especially when you are both common tao or even in law , separated mean two things, separated in fact and separated legally that means with court decision …

  • aladin mahinay says:

    reply to allottee issue

    Mercedes J. Gallo filed a case against the agency of her husband for violation and non-compliance with Sec. 5 Rule X111 Book 1 of the Labor Code. The agency contends that a wife of a contract worker cannot force the agency to remit to her account more than what is allowed by the worker. What is required by law is to implement and enforce the required inward remittance of the workers’ salaries to the Philippines and not to see whether or not the full amount of the remittance is received by the dependents of its workers. (Source: Mercedes J. Gallo vs. Asian Construction and Development Corp.; POEA Case No. (L) 87-03- 207)

    The mandatory remittance required by law does not divest the right of an overseas worker over his hard earned money or earnings. Like any personal property he can freely dispose or give to anybody without other limitations than those provided by law. The law requires the inward remittance of the 80 % of his basic salary to the country, for it contributes to the economy. But not the manner or as to how he will divide nor dispose it. His right to dispose his wage remains in his discretion.

    EO 857 does not compel nor impose certain restriction on the overseas worker’s disposition of his wages but to facilitate remittances.

  • gloria l. immaculata says:

    tanong ko lang kung na update na yung record of contribution ko.,
    supposedly 27years dapat ang naka-reflect pero lumalabas sa record ko na
    23 years lang ang updated.,

    nagsubmit na ako ng claim noong june 11, 2008 sa main
    sabi nila don ipapadala yung updated record sa residence ko
    kaya lang its almost 2 years na wala pa rin pong dumadating.

    need your assistance regarding this matter.,retiree napo kc ako sa
    june and inaasikaso ko na yung documents.,thanks!

    pls.reply to the e-mail adress specified.,thanks again! and god bless!





  • Jimmy Ladera says:

    Magandang araw po mga Ginoo,

    Ako po ay mag-aanimnapung taong gulang (60 yrs. old) na mga limang buwan mula ngayon, samakatuwid ay sa darating na Agosto 2010. Maaari po bang malaman ang mga dapat ko’ng gawing paghahanda mula ngayon para sa ganon ay pagdating ng araw nang inaasahan ko’ng pensyon, wala na akong alalahanin pang isumiting papeles na kailanganin?

    Salamat po.

    Umaasa ng katugunan,

    Jimmy Ladera

  • amador menes cabael says:

    biktima ako ng ondoy kasama sa natangay na aparador namin ng baha yung passport ko at yung sss id ko di ko tanda yung sss no ko ibig ko sanang maretrieve yung sss no ko amador menes cabael ako april 27 1963 ako ipinanganak maraming salamat po at umaasa po ako sa inyong tulong at kasagutan

  • Sheila Mae D. Torregoza says:

    Inquire my contribution from the start of my payment…

  • Michael D. Garbosa says:

    Inquire my SSS contribution from the start of my payment…

  • gideon aquino says:

    please..inquire my contribution and loan from the the start of my payment,and i want the information from you,what i’m gonna do about my membership,because i’ve been stopped contributing since 1996 and i want to continue,please send me details.thank you.

  • roselyn lapaz says:

    i juz want a printout of my sss contribution………and i dont know how….please send me details….thanks

  • Dhalia D. Benitez says:

    good day. ask ko lang if activated na ang pina change status ko last year pa. from Dhalia Danieles Benitez to Dhalia Benitez Taborda. Nais ko rin ihingi ng bago ID para sa aking sss new id. paano po ba. automatic po ba yun mapalitan. pls. help. salamt

  • Ma. Olivia M. Fabito says:

    Good Day!

    Ako po si Olivia, nakakuha na po ako ng SSS E1 form noon na isa sa mga requirements para sa work ko noong 2006 as service crew. Nawala po yung fom dahil sa baha, gusto ko lang malaman yung sss number ko at gusto ko sana makahingi ng copy!

    Maraming salamat po!

  • Marlon Absin says:

    We have already a copy of our SSS house and lot title, but it was accidentally lost. Can we ask again a copy of this title in the SSS office? How and where could we ask again for it? PLS HELP US with this problem!

  • Marlon Absin says:

    We have already a copy of our SSS house and lot title, but it was accidentally lost. Can we ask again a copy of this title in the SSS office? How and where could we ask again for it? PLS HELP US with this problem! tnx

  • Junelyn Torres says:

    Good morning!
    I would just like to inquire what to do and what would happen if someone would like reactivate his membership in SSS but he has an unpaid loan back in 1993.
    I would like to hear from you soon.
    Thank you!

  • mhalou y. says:


  • Joenahsan C. Olazo says:

    nawala kasi sss id card ko ano po ba ang kailangan ko para makakuha uli ng sss id card.?ono po ba pwede ko ipakita sa company na menber ako ng sss kailangan kasi ng company nag aaply po kasi ako? thx….

  • Joenahsan C. Olazo says:

    may utang ako sa sss matagal ko n utang nsa 8 years na. san kaya pwede mag bayad?

    • Philippines Review says:

      Sa mga authorized government banks po pwede kayo magbayad pero it is best to ask first from the SSS on where best to pay for a loan or remittance.

  • renato lindio y bilog says:

    as a member of sss,can i know how much my total contribution?

  • shahanie l. rodrigo says:

    good sss# 3386405054,i just want to know my latest contribution and my sbr#,or my rs5 form of sss….need klo lang po para mkag register for membership sa sss.thanks

  • Lady Lou. C. Labrague says: i check my contribution why is there are months na hnd nka post in my list of cotribution?i asked my employeer regarding this if they remmitted my contribution,they said wla naman silang hnd nire2mit at na remmitt na nla ang aming contribution.kulang ng 1 month contribution ang year 2009 & 2010 ko.bakit po ganito?anu ang dapat gawin para ma i post ang months na hnd na post?gusto kona ksing magloan,thanx!

  • nilo domingo says:

    gud pm po am nilo domingo from the quezon city i ask lng po kung pwde ko po mahulugan yung sss ko kasi nag istop po ako nang hulog nung 2003 voluntary lang po ako. thanks sna po malaman ko agad ang inyong kasagutan.


    would like to know status on my loan balances

  • Ma. Luisa Laurente Fuentes says:

    hello po gusto ko sanang malaman kung ano ang SSS no.# ko kasi nag pa register po ako noong 1997 at hindi ko alam if active ba pa ito.kasi gusto ko sanang mag patuloy sa pagbayad.

    salamat po!!1

  • amira says:

    gud mrning po.gusto klang po malaman kng mag kano yng babayaran ko sa contribution ko.kase nag stop po ako ng pag huhulog.thanks po.

  • Dennis T. Gragg says:

    Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung magkano ung total contrbution at kung kailan na stop ung payment ko. Is it possible to have a print out or any copy of my contributions?

  • jefferson gabor peras says:

    gud afternun po gusto ko lang po malaman ung contribution ko sa sss q..kailangan ko lang po sa trabaho…thank you..

  • alvadrae says:

    i need to open the website of sss goverment in philippine

  • alvadrae says:

    pano ko po malalaman ung contribution ko sa sss at saka pano po ako makakapasok sa site ng sss ng hihingi po ng password pano po ba makakuha noon salamat po

  • Elesonny S. Patacsil says:

    Magandang araw po,gusto ko lang po sanang malaman kung puwede ko pa po bang ituloy ang hulog sa contribution ko,kasi natigil na po ng matagal,sa Baguio City po ako dating naghuhulog ng contribution ko,salamat po..

  • catalina favor says:

    gud day.. apnu ko po malaman if nahulogan ng dati kong employer ang sss ko po?

  • Eduardo Junior N. Suello says:

    I am Mr. Eduard Junior N. Suello presently working in Saudi Arabia and I want to continue my SSS contribution but I lost my ID and I got no time to visit your office. Please email me the details thru my email account Thanks and more power to SSS.
    Any inquiry about my personal information are most welcome. Thank you again and more power.

  • clarigil escritor says:

    i just want the print out of my contributions.thank you…

  • hilda a. laxamana says:

    update ko po ung contribution ko

  • eric resentes says:

    I just want to print out of my contribution,

    Eric REsentes

  • eric resentes says:

    paanu po ba makapasok sa website nyo para makapag update ako ng summary contribuyio ko.


  • may says:

    Paanu po b mgcheck ng contribution s SSS

  • merriam says:

    Good Day!!!ask ko lang po kung pwede nyo po bang isent sa email ko about my sss contibution?balak ko pa kasing ituloy ang membership ko kaya lang may loan pa po akong hindi nababayaran but willing po akong bayaran yun kaya lng gusto ko pong malaman kung mgakano pa po yon.thank u

  • teresa dela rosa says:

    pls send me the copy of my premium sss contribution
    my sss# 27-8

  • Leda P. Montinola says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to inquire my contribution from the start of my payment.



  • gina says:

    I am currently working here in China and I keep trying to register in your website but unfortunately I’m always failed.Pls advise kung ano po ang problema.maraming salamat po.

  • grace says:

    pwede po kayang malaman ang status ng sss cotribution ng husband ko.. gusto po nyang ituloy at gawing self employed.. meron pa po syang balance sa loan sa sss. pano po sya makakabayad nito? paki send po sa email ko ang sagot.. salamat po.

  • Winnie Lynn Saavedra says:

    pls.. send me a copy of my sss summary contribution on my email add to update my salary contribution…thank you…

  • Winnie Lynn Saavedra says:

    gud am…. and also pls sand me a copy of my unpaid salary loans thanks…

  • elize valeros says:

    hi ask ko lng po kc yung remittance ng dad k may ngclaim na iba pano namin makuha yung information nung ngclaim sss number lng po hawak nmn?can u email me the name of dis sss user #0383646835 nd 3300241304 we nid information coz my dad nid it asap.thank you very much

  • armando velasco garcia says:

    paano ko po malalaman ang status ko sa sss internet , eh sss number n lang natira skin wala n ung mga papel wala din ako sss id

  • anthony banaag says:

    paano ko po mababago ang sss number ko? kasi mali ung nailagay ko na birth day sa sss number ko, mababago pa po ba ito? hope you help me, thanks..

  • June Solito says:

    Good day!

    Lost sss id card and change of status po ang concern ko..wat is the best thing to do?


  • edwin patricio alejandro says:

    Good day!
    I would like to know how many contributions I have made ? The company that i’m working right now is not deducting any contribution to the SSS.I would like to know if my previous employee in paying the contribution. kindly send it to my email at

    Thank you very much!

  • tintin says:

    i’ve made a loan last year and i have no idea that my employer deducted my loan payment twice in a month. as a result my payment for the loan was completed in just over a year. when i tried to renew my loan, since i already received a note that i had completed it already, it says that my next loan will still be in july next year… can’t i really make a loan renewal when i have already completed my payment???

  • celso c. quiachon jr. says:

    hi, tanong lang po , na release na ba ang sss id ko, kasi hanggang ngayon d ko parin na receive …at pwedi ku rin malaman kung ilan na ba napasok sa contribution ko po…. pls send to my email at

  • joel lyn himatay says:

    hi i want to know if have a remitance on SSS contribution from the toyoflex company mepz 1 lapulapu city. my SSS number is 06

  • john ray soria says:

    i’d like to know.. if i can make file loan.. however i dont have sss id yet…
    because very slow process in your company…
    and i want to inquire if how many months i already deposit..
    tanx and more blessings to your company

  • becky says:

    i would like to inquire about my father sss contribution sss#03- under pension n xa thanks.

  • abraine john geroza says:

    pwede po bang paki hold ung pension nmen ???

  • amando s. escartin jr says:

    pwedi po ba malaman kung magkano na ang hulog k sa salary loan.. mysss#33-=3

  • neda parao fernandez says:

    pls send my summary report

  • neda parao fernandez says:

    pls send my static information heres my sss no.33-2

  • agnes says:

    ask ko po yung contribution ko sa sss…my sss# kindly send it to my email add thanks po….just wanted to know how many contribution my employer made already?
    will be waiting for your response or pls text me @ 09157443074….

  • Cajandab, Joery Cris Pasco says:

    pano ko po malalaman kung magkano na ang naihuhulog sa SSS ko? inaasahan ko po ang mbilis nying pagtugon sa tanong ko. salamat po.

  • Lea Campaña says:

    hello po…gusto ko lang po malaman kung sino-sino sa mga pinasukan kong company ang naghulog sa mga sss contribution ko…sana po agad kong malaman sa inyo… salamat po…ang sss ko po ay:4580-6

  • drick says:

    ask ko lang po kung pano malalaman ang sss number ko. nawala ko po kc yung form ko. tnx

  • luningning rosario says:

    Kindly please send me the summary of my sss contribution and salary loan balance in my email. thank you very much,.here is my sss no. 3365028216

  • JOHN G EDO says:

    pls send me my sss history on my face book sss n# ko

  • JOHN G EDO says:

    need ko lang po sa work ung sss history print out ito po ung sss n# ko

  • nestor pagkaliwagan says:

    please send me my monthly contribution in my e-mail add.


    Ako po si FELOMINA CATAPANG LANDICHO. Taga SINTURISAN SAN NICOLAS BATANGAS. Itatanong ko lng po kung ano ang aking sss no. Salamt po

  • Rose Lyn R. Ramos says:

    Good Day po!!!

    Last Sept. 1, 2010 pa po ako nagpa-iD sa SSS kasabay ko po kapatid ko bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa ang ID??????

  • welfredo castilloo says:

    how many days that the death claims can releas?because the death claim of my father is already 14 day?

  • richard edoc says:

    naka register na ako dati pero d ko makuha ang staic ko kasi mali da young password ko,please turo nyo po kong pano palitan ang email at password ko don…

  • richard edoc says:

    paki send lang po sa face book ko ang sagot salamat po….

  • richard edoc says:

    static ko po yon,,paki nalang po..

  • sulpicio ordeniza penticase says:

    hlo po inquire ko lang po if nkailang hulug ung present company ko ngaun sa SSS ko .eto ung SSS # 10———7

  • agnesmanzanal says:

    hi maam and sir… ito po yung aking sss number 04-1427252-1.. paki- verify lang po nito..

  • Jemma Sumalpong says:

    Gud pm!
    Ask ko lng po sana kung pwede po ba magfile ng total disability ang father ko? 56 yrs old na po sya. Nakapag contribute na po sya ng 197 months sa SSS. Wala na po syang work now, need po kasi nya ng money para po sa bypass operation. Expecting for reply po. Thank you!

  • Agnes Evangelista says:

    kindly send my monthly contribution to my fb account..
    hirs my ss number 3374443714
    or u can search my name wyne tan on fb
    thank you and GOD BLESS

  • jonathan s. barreyro says:

    mam / sir ,

    gusto ko po sana malaman ang balance ko, kasi naging delinquent po ako kaya until now may balance pa po ako, pero gusto ko po mag re loan, paano po ba ang gagawin ko para maka re loan ako ulit. hindi po ba pwede na i off setting parang pag-ibig ? paki send na din po ang total contributions ko at steps na dapat kong gawin para maka re loan ako. maraming salamat po.


  • jonathan s. barreyro says:

    mam / sir

    eto nga po pala iyong sss number ko 0208810610. bakit nga pala na block iyong sss ko po sa internet ? pwede po bang paki activate ulit para hindi na po ako nagpupunta ng sss office. maraming salamat po.


  • jessa tama says:

    j just want to verify my sss contribution.. please kindly send it to my email as soon you recieve this,,, thanks

  • jessa tama says:

    anyway here is my sss number,,,,04-2110259-0

  • elizabeth says:

    how can i accsses my sss contribution through ur online?just sent it to my email add tnx and more power god bless

  • Ma. Divina Christina S. Mindo says:

    hi, i just want to verify my sss contributions. here’s my sss number: 33-93569-1

  • Marieta M. Dolotallas says:

    paano ako maka-conect sa ssscontribution? please send me my conrtibution print from 1996 to 2011 to my e-mail add….

  • Marieta M. Dolotallas says:

    please send a print of my contribution in my e-mail add.

  • alona sumanting says:

    gusto q lng pong mlaman kng pwde b akong magapply for maternity benefits kpag nanganak aq gayong nsa abroad at d2 aq manganganak kahit n nagpapatuloy aq s paghulog ng sss contributions q?

  • jovita tamking says:

    i would like to know the status of my sss pension i only have my id number 0803847651 please reply at my email add

  • Rollet B. Catague says:

    I am presently based here in Ireland. Please advice me how to reactivate my membership as i remember that i have an SSS number before. Im already 53 years old. If i will pay 1,000 pesos a month, at the age of 60 how much will i be having as my pension every month? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  • jonalyn c. ramos says:

    hello po may i request your good office to send me my sss loan balance in my email address?my sss# is 04-17152-6.I think 3 mos. po akong ndi nakapgbayd ng loan ko march-april and gusto ko n po snang i settle un agd kso ndi po ako mkaabsent s work ko so gusto ko pong mlmn kung mgkno ung dpt kong byrn?thank you so much for your kind consideration..godbless!!!

  • rish says:

    gud day!! i would like to ask for your help regarding my employee static Information..can you pls. kindly send it to my email add.? thanks

  • red says:

    how can i register on line i only have my own sss information…but i dont have any information of my past employer regarding their sss id number

  • robinson flores says:

    kindly sent my updated sss contribution to my email ad thanks.

  • arminda alano manalo-punzalan says:

    im a member of sss since 1997 wen im working at Bayer Phils.I had my sss id issued march 2000 under the my maiden name but at the same year april i got married and submitted all the requirements to our office then i gave birth 2001 of september 2001 and able to claim my maternity benefits.i resigned 2003 and stopped my ss contributions.Now i would like to continue my contributions and update my status.Wat will i do???This is my sss number 3330983713

  • Daniel Sta.Rita says:

    hello po mag mag e inquire lang po sana ako kung ano ang dapat kung gawin gusto ko po e continue ang SSS ko dto po ako sa UAE now..please give me a feedback as soon sa possible..

  • Cresilda C. Inting says:

    hello po follow-up lo lang po yung maternity notification ko kung ninotify ba ako ng agency ko.thank’s

  • Cresilda C. Inting says:

    to sss cubao branch ask lang po ako kung naiforward na po ba ng agency ko ang aking maternity reimbursement diyan sa branch ninyo mah to two months na kasi wala pa pong niyo lang po kung naforward na po.thank’s

  • jacky sheena agustin says:

    gusto q lng malamn kng nahuhulugan b sss qh ang tagal p malaman!

  • Jonathan L. Balicaco says:

    I want to know my SSS contribution status . . How much I have contributed . . .

  • mark demalgen says:

    pano ko po malalaman ang status ng father ko simula ng naging member siya ng sss?ito po ang sss number nya 0363813617..

  • jocelyn says:

    may sss# n po ako kso hindi p ako nk start mag contribute, gusto ko po sana mag start na mag contribute panu po ba kasi andto po ako s america, pls mam/sr i need youre help for that pls. email me in my email address thank you

  • Jaizel Laureta Pascual says:

    Magandang araw po,
    Gusto ko lang po ask sana kung na loan ng papa ko na si Efren Castillo Laureta noon po ay kung pwede po yung principal lang po ba babayaran kasi po bale nakadisability na po kasi ang papa ko by last year may po ay nagkaroon ng heart attack kaya humihingi po ako ng amnesty po n sana po ay yung principal lang po ang babayaran lang po sana kasi by next year po ay magsisixty na po sya at magpepension na po baka kasi maapektuhan yung loan sa pensyon na po.

    Please do reply me po sa aking email address po please do assiat us po para alam po namn ang gagawin namin po

    Lubos na gumagalang,

  • Reyland says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Matagal na po akong member simula pa po nung 1996 kaso hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa naibibigay yung birth-certificate ko po. 15 years din po na hindi ko nahulugan yung sss ko po. Simula po sa january 2012 ay maghuhulog na po ako ulit. Ang gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano po gagawin ko kung:

    1. Pano ko po malalaman yung record ko
    2. anong form po ang kailangan para dito.
    3. Kung re-activation po, paano po iyun.
    4. anong form ang kailangan dito.

    Kung meron pa po akong dapat malaman, paki tulungan po ako.

    Salamat ng marami

  • Ma. Theresa Janer Fernandez says:

    hi! i just want to ask if you can help me to know my TIN number i forgot and lost my info about that. Thank you very much

  • Ma. Theresa Janer Fernandez says:

    i just want to ask if i can get my info i lost my id and info about my number and i need it thank you very much

  • richard says:

    mam is it legal to continue working at age 68, especially when the person is retired already? we are a private school but the board is allowing the person to continue working.
    need help, tell us what to do.

  • Jerry C. Lao says:

    May i kindly request a copy of my SSS contribution, you my send it to my email add thank you in advance

  • Marjerie says:

    I just want to ask on how could i retrieve a letter that was sent to me by sss.,it is indicated there that i had an incorrect sss number.,unfortunately.,i lost the letter.,
    so im gonna ned a copy of it so that i can submit it to any sss branch inorder for it to be corrected..bec it seems that im putting the money under a different person.,pls help me..,

  • jenivic marcial says:

    good day!kindly check my sss number? how much contibution i make to fill those year na hindi ako nag hulog?ca u help me?thanks!!

  • Good day, i humbly request your good office to furnish me a printout of my SSS monthly premium for the year 1972 up to October 1991 for purposes of my Phil Health Benefits. I would appreciate your utmost consideration. thank you.

  • isagani valdoria says:

    how can i check in SSS online who is my beneficiaries?

  • Annie Delmo Deita says:

    Good day!

    I am married to Mr Danilo Deita (SSS Number: 33-0160579-0) whom I want to locate if possible thru his SSS Number. He abandoned me with our 3 children for almost 9years and would want to locate him because I can no longer provide for our Childrens Education and daily finances. Hoping to get a reply from you.Thanks! God bless!

  • Aida Casiano Gonzaga says:


    I would like to know when I can received the replacement of my lost SSS ID. My application of replacement dated August 26, 2011. How long should i wait since it is very important that i should have my SSS ID on my hand.

    Thank you and shall appreciate your kind reply.

    Very truly yours,

    Aida C. Gonzaga

  • arnold g. cabrera says:

    Sir/ madam

    i would like to know i can received my SSS ID as it already 6 months from applying date.. and one thing also is my sick separated claims that i filled last 28 Feb. 2012..

    thx you and shall appreciate your kind reply…..

    Truly yours,
    Arnold G. Cabrera

  • Emelio Magahin says:

    ang pagloan ng housing sa SSS matapos kaya bago mag onboard ko after two months.maraming salamat madam.

  • gerulin africa sucgang says:

    I am previously an SSS member i just want you to send a copy of my SSS contribution n myunpaid salary loan if any. i also want to continue my sss contribution as a self employed member pls advice what do i need to do. my sss no 3304307820. I will look forward for your reply asap.


    gerulin africa sucgang

  • Evelyn Colmenar says:

    requestng for the copy of static my sss no 33-9818428-2 cant i get my copy until 2hour argent need … thnk you



  • Mark Anthony B. Cataluna says:

    Hello Sir,Maam
    I want to know if my housing loan balance is already cleared. and also i ask how can i re aply a salary loan and also how many months already my contribution. thanks.,….

  • sharon hisita paguergan says:

    good day! i want to know what will i do if i lost my SSS id and i dont have a photo copy of it… how can i retrive my sss number? i am from long time not in philippines so i do not have time to fix it, in this way am browsing if someone could actually tell what the right things to do.. thanks and best regards!!!

  • Sarah Kay F. says:

    PLEASEEEEEE… can you send me my father’s sss contributon history and employment history needed lang po talaga ASAP as a requirement po sa PAG-IBIG DAHIL MAY EE CLAIM LANG PO KAMI. Here’s the sss #06-0735516-1 looking forward fpr your reply.

    thanks po.

  • shiela carlos says:

    good mornig maam,sir

    paano ko po ma d download yung sss static information?

    thank you po.

  • Jeffrey G. Salas says:

    goodpm po,ask ko lang po kung pwdng send nyo po skin ung sss premium kaylangan ko po kc sa work ko,nagloan po kasi aq e hinihngi po skin ng employer ko,paemail nlng po s email ad n to,salamat

  • La Kwenta says:

    napa walang kwenta ng customer service sa sss main office, kapag tumawag for inquiry ng i.d 20mins naka hold sa pon bago sagutin, tpos ipapapasa ka lang kung saan- saan, in the end, itransfer na naman sa wala! kainis! naubos lang oras ko! hindi nmn nasagot un concern ko!!!grrrrrrr..

  • Joce;yn Manatlao says:

    Gud pm,. concern ko lng ay nag blocked po ung account through online inquiry can u re activate my sss ID account here online account

  • ma. juvy asperas miranda says:

    paano ko po ba malalaman ang aking sss no.? kase po ay nakalimutan ko na po ang aking number sa sss,,,san po ba ang pudeng magtanung at malaman ang aking number>

  • marie jean ancheta says:

    please send how much can i loan #0210495748

  • jingle says:


  • junifer vergara says:

    good day,concern lang po yng sss ID card ng uncle ko nawawala,matagal na syang member,paano po makuha sya ng bagong card?

  • stephanie M. lluveras says:

    gusto sana malaman yong SSS num.# kc nasunog yong bahay namin nun kasama yng SSS ko… at d ko alam ang SSS num. ko sana makuha ko sya…

  • jennifer candelario says:

    hi….i need help..i cannot log in as sss member kasi nag log in ako tapos sss # ko daw already exist yun ang reply akin…anu ang gagawin ko.ito poh ang sss # ko 0722160134.At hanggang ngayon di pa dumarating sss id ko.

  • Rogel V. Lopez says:

    Good day, can you send me my Employment History to my email as one of my Visa Reuirements. Thanks and God Bless

  • says:

    i just want to inquire about the status of my sss loan if the company i worked is paying for it since from the start thank you il just wait for your reply on my email add

  • Teofilo Jr. says:

    bakit po mahirap gumawa ng account may kailangan lang ako mai printout tungkol sa static ng sss ko reply po kau sa email salamat.


    Nku poh Mam/Sir matagal n poh akong nka bayad sa salary loan mag one year n poh this Sept. under my condonation program poh ng company nmin swedish crewing management ang tagal poh bago nila ipasok ang bayad.Bkit poh ganoon ngigipit poh ang SSS sa pera pero bkit hinde pah n ipapasok ang bayad ko…Slamat poh tulong nmn poh Mam/Sir

  • Joseph Q. Ocampo says:

    Ask ko lang bakit di pa narerecieved ang aking SSS Id na file ko since May 11, 2011, sa Gil Puyat Branch. My SSS #:3399320854

  • ricardo pipo says:

    gusto ko po malaman magkano na po contribution ko

  • shella labaco says:

    as kolang po mag 8 moths npo kasi mung sss card ko until now wala padin pong dumadating sa bahy sa bahay kopo pina mail sabi to 5 motnhs e mag 8 months npo



  • abby says:

    pwede ko bang mahingi ang SSS number ni Miguelito Panti Tabor Jr ,June 4,1991. nawala kasi yung copy nya..pra hindi na sya pumunta ng sss office..salamat

  • melane pelayo says:

    gud day po,,ask q lng po kumg kelan q po mku2ha ang loan q?nag file po aq nung aug.10 p po,,sbe po kc 2 weeks lng..

  • Glenn Gilamon, de Leon says:

    Ako po si Glenn De Leon panu po ba ako magkkaroon ng contibusyon pero meron napo ako sss number gusto kopo self employed kasi po trabahop mkopo magtrickle sarili kopo anu po bang gagawin sir madam.

  • jennie alburo says:

    ask k lng po kung nareleased n po yung sa sickness reimbursement check ni PASCUAL, ELIZABETH..?

  • sherry maria p. lucero-saldua says:

    just want to ask why it take so long to release my father’s death claim? last july 3, 2012 pa na file and up to this very death wla pa rin, we need it for my mother’s check up din. my father’s name is roberto p. lucero,

  • marlon tarala says:

    pwde ko na bang kunin ang sss i.d ko?kasi bka d p nagawa,dahil bka malito kyo sa address ko,(B21 L9 st. joseph village,Brgy. Timbao Binan Laguna) yan ksi ang address ko sa bill ng meralco. sana magawan n’yo ng paraan para magamit ko..salamat god bless sss staff

  • Jan Mabelle Dhanoe says:

    follow up ko lang po yung regarding sa maternity na finile ko september 12,2012 pa po kasi.,gusto ko lang po malaman if na grant po ba???

  • Jay- ann L. Macoco says:

    magandang hapon po!ttanong q lg po f complete ang hulong ng company q last nov 2009-nov 2012..ito sss # q 07-1805193-0.pkreply nlg po xa #09186236440 na to..ty po..

  • maruja jean obejas gerong says:

    gandang hapon pho..kukuha lang pho sana aku ng static#..kailangan ko pho kc un sa trabaho quh..maraming salamat pho

  • nora domingo saavedra says:

    Good Day…
    I want to know the status of my Partial Disability application here in General Santos
    City with SSS 0343973975. I submitted the application last September 25 2012
    they told me i’ll be back on Oct. 25, 2012 but until now no response on my application.
    Can you tell me what happen to my application? Thank You Very Much


    Good day po! ask q lang po..qng may remaining p po aqng blanace po s kasi savi po ng employeer q meron p daw aqng loan po. s previous q po.. verify q lang po sana qng magkano po un lahat?salamt

  • Arnel B. Ilao Jr says:

    ask ko lang po kung nahuhulugan sss ko this year thNKS POI.

  • milagros ramos says:

    good day po! ask ko lang po sana 2 months po ba talaga ang proseso ng sickness reimbursement sa antipolo city? nagbigay po kasi sila ng contact number para ifollow up ko na lang daw po 917-7777 but sad to say kapag binigay ko na po ung sss number and date of birth nagda-dial tone na po kasi…thank u ang more power…

  • enetillo aberio pugosa jr says:

    tanung ko lng po mgkanu nb contribution ko sa sss from january 2009 until nw.ito po ung sss#ko ito po ung name ng company employer ko.shooters security services. sana matanggap ko agad ang kasagutan.maraming salamat po.

  • heldiliza a. marcellana says:

    hi! good to day? may i have to know my total contribution of sss? thank you and more power

  • alfeo says:

    sir/madam; nais ko lng po malaman kung my record pa po ba ang mother ko na si felicidad f. gonzaga teacher po sya sa san jose n. samar noon pang 1960 my contribution po ba ang mga dating teacher ng mga panahon na yon namatay po sya last oct. 09,2012 maraming salamat po…

  • rosalyn says:

    gud pm.follow-up ko lang po ung maternity ko.nagfile po ako ng mat-2 nong jan.15 dito po sa san jose occ.mindoro.rosalyn sevilla engcoy,sss #3366041535 pls.rply slmat.

  • Danny says:

    please send my salary contribution or the employee static information. Thank you.

  • janice talay says:

    sir pwede q po b malaman qng ano po ung username at password q sa SSS?

  • editha says:

    papano po mg report ng eployee na separated na sa employer sa sss, to de declared na hindi na sya part ng company?

  • renato rosales says:

    panu po re activate sss ko kasi ngstop kasi ako mbayaran yong sss ko gusto sana i continue

  • katherine says:

    Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a sss e1 form, I found a blank form here

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