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What to do if I lost my SSS ID

I lost my SSS ID a few months ago but not over a year ago. What I wanted to know at first is how do I deal with it. So if you are asking the same question, chances are we have been to the same situation before. Here is a short guide on what to do if you lost your SSS ID.

Step By Step Procedures on What to do for Lost SSS ID:

Step 1: Get yourself an affidavit of loss (some would call it affidavit of lost for some weird reason). You can get this in any City Hall office where you can also find public attorney offices. Be sure to prepare the story as you will be asked by the typist who will make the affidavit for you. Here is where you will state briefly how you lost your SSS number or ID.

step 2: Have your affidavit of loss duly signed by an attorney at law or lawyer (ipa-notaryo or notarize).

Step 3: Go to the nearest SSS branch in your area of from where you are staying right now and get yourself a number for the line on the SSS customer service. If you can make a call and get entertained, then better (chances are you will not get entertained based on my experience even if you use the SSS hotline number but you can always try).

SSS Branches; Social Security System Philippines

SSS Branches - Philippine Social Security System

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