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What to do if you forget your SSS number

Most of the people trying to get a SSS ID or on their way to inquiry would need their SSS number. But what if the case is you or I forgot my SSS number? How can you get the information you need if this is your situation? What will be the first step so you can retrieve your lost SSS number? These are only some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) or most asked questions by thousands of Social Security System members abroad or here in the Philippines.

SSS Branches; Social Security System Philippines

SSS Branches – Philippine Social Security System

I do not have any data but to what I have seen while searching online and from my other blogs where I have written SSS articles from, I can say that many of you out there might be asking the same questions that I have just mentioned on this post. Here are some of the short answers to that.

1. First off, remember that according to the official website of the SSS, you should not go and get another SSS number as this will only further complicate things for you on your way for an inquiry or a transaction. The best thing to do is to personally come over to the nearest SSS branch in your area and ask from the authorities.

2. On the other hand, if you lost your SSS ID and cannot remember your number, the same process is what you’ll have to go through. Add to it, is for you to get an affidavit of loss and have it notarized by an attorney at law or lawyer.

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