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Healing Galing Hotline Numbers for Free Consultation

I’ve been a fan of holistic healing and there’s nobody I can comprehend with much than true and real holistic approach to cures, remedies and healing a disease in humans. When we speak of naturopathy and natural remedies from home and our backyards, I can only remember 2 people. The first and my most loved […]

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Healing Galing Products Price

If you ever need to know first what the particular prices of Healing Galing herbal products are, then I would like to suggest that you go visit their office address in Novaliches in CDI building (Career Development) near Mindanao Avenue in person. On the other hand, here are a few price I could share with […]

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Foods to avoid for people with kidney failure or renal failure

Very few doctors have given advice regarding renal failure and kidney failure and what foods to avoid while treatment is ongoing. Rarely do people know actually that there are certain foods to avoid eating if you are undergoing dialysis for renal failure. In my search through the internet and personal experience with listening to different […]

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Healing Galing Detox Diet Protocol Spirulina and other natural healing products

Spirulina is actually just for dietary supplement. It is good for kids who had low apetite and it so happened that my daughter who just turned 17 is currently taking this. Before she took it, I must admit that Healing Galing tv program is where we got the information that it can be used as […]

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