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neck pain exercises

Different Neck Pain Remedies and Acupuncture in the Philippines

I’m not really sure how long acupuncture in the Philippines has been practiced by alternative healing professionals called as acupuncturists. I’m not even sure how much effect it has on the body upon use and implementation, I must admit it did work for me. Neck pain remedy via the use of acupuncture is surely a […]

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Cure Neck Pain – remedy via acupressure points how to do guide and video

(See all photos we have on this post as it will guide you regarding how to ease neck pain with the use of acupressure) Did you know that there is an old way, a natural non-invasive neck pain remedy that can totally ease out and cure your neck pain? If you don’t, then probably, you […]

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Chiropractor Neck Pain Treatment Yoga Exercises and Cervical Spondylosis

I took time to make a research online to find chiropractor / chiropractic doctors in the Philippines and clinics catering to this service. The reason? It’s because apart from me being an online marketer and computer worker more than 8 hours a day, I am also a cervical spondylosis patient and I want the treatment. […]

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