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How to Get or Apply for SOLAS in the Philippines

“Paano ba kumuha ng SOLAS sa Philippines for seafarers” For seafarers or seaman in the Philippines, one must know how and where to get or apply for SOLAS. But allow me first to let you know what the word, or should I say acronym of SOLAS means. Simply put, it means “safety of life at […]

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What are the requirements for SOLAS training

Manila, Philippines January 20, 2011 – SOLAS training requirements may differ depending on where or what country you will take the training. If you are however just looking for the basic requirements, it is listed below. If you are talking about SOLAS Philippines training, please refer to the general information on the photo. We also […]

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How much is the cost of SOLAS (seaman’s book)

By Philippine standards if you ask me how much will a SOLAS certification cost in the Philippines although this is not an updated one, it’s pretty much will range from 800 pesos up to 2,000 pesos. On the other hand, if it is published by foreign publishers, the amount ranges from 3,000 pesos to 5,000 […]

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