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10 Ways in Finding Seaman Loan with Lowest Interest Rate and 1 Day Release

It’s a sad development that even if efforts by the Aquino government to better the service to Filipino seafarers through MARINA the application of certificates and documents, the agency still failed to come up with a working practice or procedure to ease out the processing of acquisition of documents like seaman book (SIRB) and certification […]

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How to Become a Full Pledged Seaman in the Philippines – Training Course, Requirements, Salary

Becoming a full time seafarer in the Philippines and earning big money by working in luxury ships, cargo vessel or any shipping lines traveling overseas is not as easy as many Pinoys think. But just a couple of months ago, ABS-CBN revealed that chances of becoming a full pledged seafarer is not just for those […]

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How to Get or Apply for SOLAS in the Philippines

“Paano ba kumuha ng SOLAS sa Philippines for seafarers” For seafarers or seaman in the Philippines, one must know how and where to get or apply for SOLAS. But allow me first to let you know what the word, or should I say acronym of SOLAS means. Simply put, it means “safety of life at […]

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How much is the cost of SOLAS (seaman’s book)

By Philippine standards if you ask me how much will a SOLAS certification cost in the Philippines although this is not an updated one, it’s pretty much will range from 800 pesos up to 2,000 pesos. On the other hand, if it is published by foreign publishers, the amount ranges from 3,000 pesos to 5,000 […]

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