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Honesto Teleserye – 10 Reasons Why Pinoys Need Kids Develop Honesty

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honesto teleseryeThe Philippine government has recently been hit here and there with accusations of almost proven guilt in spending the people’s money relentlessly without considering to let them know. Budgets here and there start to flourish because officials don’t have the honest trait to let the rightful owners know first before hand. Then comes a new teleserye by ABS-CBN. Just in time and perfect for the tragic loss of trust and the sheer need for Pinoys to have something or someone to lean on to and believe that indeed, there are still quite a few people with dignity in the Philippine government.

I’m talking about Honesto Teleserye and not just Janet Lim Napoles and her allies who spent by the billions from the purse of the Filipino people. All because honesty and dignity is lost somewhere along the way and replaced by greed to enjoy in the lush of other’s resources and money. Despite these sad facts, there is still hope and today, learning about a new teleserye (tv series) by a kid, I started to feel it is just about time to have us watching something that will help the young generation develop the pride of being a Filipino, honest and with dignity not to spend what is not theirs to.

Just tonight, I immediately thought upon seeing the official video trailer of Honesto soap topbilled by a kid, I started to think, this is it. It’s about time to have another new program that kids will not just love but will learn from. He will become the perfect example of a true honest Pinoy in the young generation. I hope those who serve in the Congress and Senate who spent our money, our hard-earned money to entrust it to them only to take it without considering they did not have the right at all. Greed!!! It’s all about greed and corruption. These public officials, proven or not, we already know you and how you work. Your words are no longer important. We know we cannot trust you and you don’t deserve it anyway.

There is hope after all. Let’s watch this Monday, the premier episode of Honesto – Ang teleseryeng magpapalaganap ng mga bagay na totoo at walang halong pag iimbot. If this works, we owe it to the eBoy cast new kid star, Dey dey. Not so sure if this kid’s name is John Vincent Servilla or what but what’s important is that you guys get to watch the initial video trailer below.

If ever you miss an episode, don’t forget to visit iwantv to watch it for free.

10 Reasons Why Pinoys Should Watch Honesto

  1. To help develop honesty in the young generation and contribute to a better Philippines in the future.
  2. To help kids understand how important it is to be honest, promise!
  3. To develop a new generation with pride and dignity who will possibly serve their generation for a better future.
  4. To hope and know that there is still a silver lining in the horizon despite government officials have deceived us, Pinoys by spending for lush luxury, our hard-earned money.
  5. To understand that we can do something to help change the corrupt officials in our country.
  6. To develop the habit of trusting with vindication and not just entrusting without even knowing who to leave our fate to in terms of our future.
  7. To let others realize how much we need to go back to basics to have good leaders develop a better vision of serving and not stealing the people’s money
  8. To develop better future leaders who are willing to serve without greed and want for something in return in the form of material things, especially money.
  9. To make adults realize too that there is a need to help kids grow into better and honest adults who will replace our generation of Pinoys to take pride in being one.
  10. To help politicians and government servants realize that we, Pinoys are not sleeping in the marsh. That we know who to trust and who not to. Those who are honest definitely deserve more. Those who are not, deserve even more of less.

Let us hope those who serve with dishonesty to grow their noses too! – “Bato bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit!”

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