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Inday Bote 2015 – Alex Gonzaga Matteo Guidicelli [Version2.0]

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From the creative writing of Pablo S. Gomez comes to life once again – Inday Bote, the drama comedy movie whom the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano used to wow audience with and make them laugh is now a teleserye to watch soon, probably in primetime bida by ABS-CBN.

Inday Bote Film History

A 1985 comedy drama fantasy romance movie flick that starred the likes of Maricel Soriano, Willian Martinez love team together with hunk actor, Richard Gomez, Inday Bote is a first in komiks reads by Pinoys. A classic which many have come to love the twists and fantasy-like life of a poor girl turned magical life, played by the Diamond Star, Maria back in the 80’s produced by Lily Monteverde of Regal Films. Previous adaptations since has clicked and was bought by the watching public. See our trivia below on who was the last to portray the role of Inday Vargas.

Alex Gonzaga as the New Inday Bote in 2015

This year, 2015, let’s welcome Alex Gonzaga, as she plays the role of the new Inday Bote teleserye “bida”. Compare the cast and crews members of this new ABS-CBN soap that you will soon won’t want to miss an episode with each night. And if you ever miss any, don’t worry, there is still one way to watch the replay episodes online. You can go to iwantv or just read our guide here.

Comparing the 2 Inday Bote Posters

new inday bote

The poster above features the new Inday Bote as Alex Gonzaga, the younger sister of Toni Gonzaga in a princess-like dreamy outfit depicting what to somehow expect in this new version 2.0. This is her second time ever to star in a teleserye which is possibly to be shown in primetime bida so let us see what she can do to excite and let Filipinos here and around the world have fun.

old inday bote poster

The old promotional poster of Inday Bote movie featuring none other than the one and only Diamond Star of Philippine television, Maricel Soriano a.k.a “Maria” in the local movie industry. From my own point of view, Inday here is somewhat over acting and I can see just the same with Alex’s ways but as to who will wow the audience more will be up to the new ratings that hopefully, ABS-CBN could come up with in this investment.

Alex has proven her acting with Pure Love, a Filipino adaptation of the originally Korean drama which hit the afternoon delights of soap watchers like my mom over in Cavite and my niece here in Caloocan. I’m not so sure if this one will hit the counter as it opens up to the pilot episode come 2015.

Other new investments by Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN are currently showing in the likes of:

Short Plot / Summary:

A classic fantasy story of a “magbobote” who got lucky accidentally finding a magic bottle that contains (4) magic elves / dwarves (“duwende”) on it. This time, it is said to be the new version 2.0 of Inday Bote who is no longer pushing a junk cart “kariton” but is already driving her all new car-iton. Her new leading men comes in a nice package under the names of Matteo Guidicelli and Kean Cipriano, the lead vocalist of the pop-rock bank, Callalily. Sounds fun to me from the official teleserye trailer to the new leading men behind (old version – William Martinez and Richard Gomez) which you can view and watch below.

Complete List of Cast of Characters:

1985 Inday Bote Cast

  1. Maricel Soriano
  2. William Martinez
  3. Richard Gomez
  4. Charito Solis
  5. Gloria Romero
  6. Nova Villa
  7. Chichay
  8. Deli Atay Atayan
  9. Roderick Paulate
  10. Palito
  11. Balot
  12. Max Alvarado
  13. Albert Anido
  14. Mon Alvir
  15. Bella Flores
  16. German Moreno
  17. …. and more

2015 Inday Bote Cast

  1. Alex Gonzaga
  2. Kean Cipriano
  3. Matteo Guidicelli
  4. … and more

Last Adaptation Trivia:

Question: As a trivia question, what, when and who was the last adaptation actress who played the role of Inday Bote on television?

Answer: It was started on September 11, 2010 with its first episode. “Inday Bote” role was played starring Melissa “Melai” Cantiveros as Inday Vargas.

Schedule of Opening:

The supposed scheduled opening of premier episode of Inday Bote teleserye 2015 is not yet disclosed according to press releases and is to be directed by none other than director, Wenn V. Deramas. We will update this page as soon as there is one.

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