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Only You Teleserye by Angel Diether and Sam Milby

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Only You Teleserye Remake

Who didn’t love Jillian, Jonathan and Tj in the koreanovela Only You? All this is because they are back. This time, it’s Only You tagalog version teleserye of the wacky korean romantic love story between three people with distinct characters. Starring Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and the hunk actor Diether Ocampo, this new teleseye that will replace Betty La Fea on primetime bida hopes to capture Philippine teleserye and koreanovela fanatics and fans.

I remember mom used to watch this eagerly and excited every night so we all are in front of the tv when primetime koreanovela dramas start to bush round in the community televisions. We loves the story and we want to see how it fits with local Pinoy actors and actresses. Mom was excited learning it from me straight because she knows that I blog a lot about the latest showbiz intrigues and happenings.

I’m pretty confident that this remake of Only You to become a teleserye instead of a koreanovela will again take the primetime viewers to a repeat experience but in a different feel. Pinoys will even get more excited with some of the most beautiful stars in the remake and I know that being available in Tagalog will help the romance and love drama get hotter than it’s original. The simple reason is that Pinoys can now relate with the story without trying to look at the lips of the actors and actress as they speak.

4 Responses to “Only You Teleserye by Angel Diether and Sam Milby”

  • terry says:

    gud luck to Sam Angel and Diether in Only You…

  • joie says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!guys and i know it will be a hit…..
    GO ANGEL!!!!!!!
    GO SAM!!!!
    GO DIET!!!!!

  • Rodelia Non says:

    I think the dialogues of Gilian is not so natural. It is not happening in true life. If she really love her child then she should make a way to let her son know his true father at the earliest possible time so they can make up for the lost time spent being together. What she is doing is she is letting the child grow and be with his friend more than to be with his father which is not so convincing. Parang nakakainis ang mga dialogue.

    She even says he loves Tj but cannot even fight for him like what TJ is doing. The story is nice but what is happening in the story is not natural. I am really not convinced which makes me irritated while watching it.

  • jhanz says:

    kakainis ung story as in..parang paikot ikot lng tsaka si jillian parang tanga na ewan..palagi nyang sinasabi na mahal niya si tj pero hindi man lng nya ito pinaglalaban gaya ng ginagawa ni tj at palagi naman niyang sinasabi na hindi daw sya mangagamit pero un nman ang gnagawa nya….at si jonathan para syang peste na pinipilit ung self nya sa taong ayaw naman sa kanya..di ba nya ma gets na super pangit ng ugali nya kaya d xa magustuhan?..give xa ng give sabi walang kapalit dhil mg bestfrend nman DAw cla but in the end ul see..i really hate this salamat nman at sa wakas matatapos na rin…

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