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Walang Hanggan: Is Black Lily the old Jane Montenegro?

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The last I could remember about Jane Montenegro is that she already died in a plane explosion caused by Miguel Ramos, the elusive assistant of Emilia Guidotti a.k.a. Emily Cardenas in Walang Hanggan teleserye. Now the thing is, how can the script writers think of something that could possibly relate to a vengeance with Daniel Cardenas, a.k.a. Coco Martin?

We all know from the teasers that Black Lily is talking about a vengeance against Daniel. Could the Black Lily be the renewed face of Jane Montenegro? I’m not really sure but this could very well explain about her. She couldn’t be just another angry person on the street whom Daniel happened to pass by his car and got hit. She couldn’t just be somebody important to Miguel Ramos, a past encounter who suffered because of his love for Emily. She couldn’t also be possibly some sister of Jane Montenegro who is after vengeance because of her dead sister because everybody already knows that Jane died in the hands of a hired killer / goon by Miguel.

The question is, how could her character fit in and give justice to a plot of revenge against a good boy in Daniel Guidotti? Just excited about what will happen soon.

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