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Filipina Magic and Winning Filipina Heart as Mail Order Bride

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Filipina Magic

What Filipina magic make men from around the world want to win a Filipina heart as mail-order brides? We all know that around the world, there are so many people who are lonely and live alone, mostly, men. This particular situation makes many of them want to go for mail-order bride, in fact, somewhere in the middle of the 90’s this phenomenon became very popular which contributed to women abuse, mostly Asian.

Today, can we really say that the Filipina magic is still there? Its because during those times I have mentioned above, the largest proportion occupied by mail-order brides may be attributed to Filipinas. The magic is still there it seems and I think based on my personal experience being able to work in a hotel twice of my lifetime, that Filipinas are a great household caretakers apart from the fact that they do take care of their man and their children with them so well. Filipina heart is like this and you will also observe that because the average Filipina is by far the cleanest in their body and they take care of personal hygiene and respect it so much.

The Filipina Heart

I remember when my father and mother went to Italy and lived there for more than 2 years. They told me that (no offense) Italians don’t take a bath everyday unlike the Filipinos whom they know that even when the weather is extremely cold, they don’t fail to take this personal hygiene and won’t let a day pass without meeting with cold water each and everyday of their life. Europeans as well as Americans are well known to use only toilet papers when they go to the comfort room while Pinoys will need half a pail of water to wash themselves up after use of the comfort room. This has been part of the tradition adding up some Filipina magic that make men want a Filipina heart above all.

Mail Order Bride in the 90’s

Taking back to mail order brides, it is admissible that the life of a Filipino, much more those who live in the suburbs are really hard. Their situation is this for year and I guess this makes many of us here to want to taste the life of living a different life. Somehow,  making many Filipina want to take an opportunity where there is a chance to get out of the present hard life they are in, they resort sometimes to this scheme – the mail-order bride. Today, I am glad that this has died down and although there are still a few surviving from the past, today, men from foreign land come to the Philippines not just to have a break or have some fun but to possibly get themselves a Filipina heart to love and cherish for the rest of their life.

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