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Halloween Candies Kids Hate

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While in the Philippines, there is literally no candy at all that any kid could ever hate for the reason that they all seem to like any other candy that you hand over to them especially those 2-6 year old ones, in some parts of the world, there are a few candies that kids don’t seem to like at all. While trick or treating is a long term tradition in many parts of the world like the United States, there are a lot candies being given away by households to kids. These candies usually make them happy but did you know that there are a few ones that they don’t like being given to them during halloween?

Well, whatever those candies were, you ought to learn them too if you are interested to give it a shot what makes those trick or treating kids be unhappy for some time. That is, if they’ll really refuse that candy that you will offer them. You just go ahead and discover that yourself since Halloween is near and the season of trick or treating and knocking in the door by kids is here again. Give them some fun and give them something different this Halloween and try to trick them not with that candy variety that they will not like… It could be candy corns, peppermints, smarties or whatever you can give them, just be sure that you see the reaction on their faces when you give them that different treat. Have fun and happy Holloween!

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