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Philippines Topbilled Earth Hour Participation

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It was confirmed according to a news article that I read today. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has announced that the Philippines topped overall in the number support that the country added to the participants to Earth Hour which was celebrated the other day.

According to WWF, Philippines even toppbilled the highest participation aside from 88 countries with respect to the volume of participation from towns as well as cities within a country. The result of the participation even toppled the record of Australia where the first Earth Hour happened.

This further proves how united and solid the Filipinos and the whole country Philippines is. That we are lovers of nature and this belief has blessed us with one of the amazing natural resources from among the world from our water to the forests the nestle our country in the middle.

Congratulations to the Philippines for this achievement and I hope that like me and my family, more and more each year will participate in the annual observation of Earth Hour and in our own little ways when combined will somehow make our call be heard regarding the issue of global warming and climate change.

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