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Weddings in the Philippines

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Weddings have always been a great occasion especially here in the Philippines and even if each of the different localities and provinces have their own tradition with respect to weddings, it is a must for the to-be-weds to follow them all and know what works for them while their married life is on the line. Most of the old people believe here that weddings should be blessed with abundance and for this belief, all wedding in the Philippines are being subjected to numerous traditions that cater and center to the need to have a fruitful married life that is full of abundant blessings.

Weddings in the Philippines are also full of color as different traditions and beliefs battle from each side of the couples who are to wed. The day of the wedding are also sometimes agreed upon with the help of the elders. It is consulted to the old almanac most of the time when the wedding should be held and the fact that this is done almost in all provinces in the Philippines, it is an inevitable process to go through with it most of the time that a wedding is to happen.

Aside from wedding traditions and beliefs of the Filipinos, have managed to go for a few Chinese beliefs called as “feng shui” which is pronounced fung suy. This is all about luck things and stuff that is attributed to being lucky or bring luch to every move and things that surround us. The particular use of feng shui may usually be seen in houses, doors, gowns, even the climate of the day that the wedding will happen and there are many more. Truly, the Philippine wedding is a very colorful and traditionally rich festivity in the local scene in the different provinces and rural areas as well.

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