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Finding Refuge Looking at Travel Blogs

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I have always been a great wanderer, at least to my many places in the corners of my mind that I would like and love to reach and use this blog with to post the beauty of the Philippines.

What hinders this liking and salivating urge is that I never had the liberty to do what I always wanted to do best – travel the whole of the Philippines and see what places has to offer in the eye of this beholder.

I have nurtured my eyes and senses only to seek for more travel blogs out there who can give me that inkling different smile and bring out the happy sexual guy in me and yes, I admit I have always loved sensuality and sexy-ness in people and in situations that I somehow see differently than my wife.

Although this is not really much of a travelogue post, I would like this time to be a freeman, free from my techie stuff and thingies that only come because of dire need to post a topic that people will get interested in. This is something different today as I find my fingers freely titoeing over my keyboard letters and figures upon finding 4 great blogs that discuss about travel and places.

One is from Dong Ho, (never knew the guy but loved all the posts and pictures that saw in his blog today) and the others will be reserved for their identity to be published here because I would love to spend today some time to mouse over all the amazing pictures and read reasons why their blogs were called as one.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Dong Ho for his posts and pictures in his blog, ESKAPO. Mind you, if you just visit this blog, you would not even want to wink an eye because of the amazing pictures he features in this blog about places and people and stuff on his travels. I wish I can come with these guys someday and take a trek in all those mountains in the pictures. I really love the pictures and I envy him for doing what he likes best and being to places that I have only dreamed of landing my feet in to.

I’m glad, no showbiz buzz and no techie stuff today just to run out something different and give a well deserved link to another great blog whom I’d like to know the writer personally.

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