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How to apply for temporary resident visa in Canada

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Just providing basic information for Filipinos, Pinoys as well as other nationalities looking for information on how to apply for temporary resident visa in Canada. The purpose is to help workers find a good temporary POEA jobs in Canada. If you want to come there for whatever purpose or reason, please read below. If you have finished this process, you might want to take a look at our post regarding POEA open jobs in Canada. Good luck!

First off, see if you need a visa to enter Canada. This is because there are different categories for tourists and migrants to Canada. They are classified accordingly to determine if they need Canadian visa to become a temporary resident and see if you need to apply for one.

Check the website of the visa office responsible for the country you are currently residing for more information on visa fees and charges, including guides on how and where to pay them securely as well as what documents will be required from you to submit along with you application for a temporary resident visa.

Be sure to subscribe to our posts because in our upcoming writeup, we will be posting about the different offices in specific countries where you can see the List of Canadian visa offices. Be sure to fill up application forms completely and attach necessary documents. WE will also be posting about information on processing time, interview with a visa officer and medical examination as well as how to use a representative guide. Please don’t apply anywhere else but in authorized and duly designated offices to avoid getting scammed.

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