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How To Reach Boracay Beach Resort

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3 Ways to Reach Boracay Beach Resort

There are so many ways on how to reach Boracay Beach Resort in Panay Island. For this reason, I’ll save you the suspense of knowing yourself what the beach is all about when you get there. You can reach Boracay Beach in 3 ways – via air or via water or via bus + sea using the Philippines’ popular mode of transportation for the masses- RORO (roll-on / roll off) which is a combination of land travel and sea travel. It is perhaps the most enjoyable, exciting and time consuming mode to get to the enchanting island.

Although all these modes and means to reach Boracay Beach will all lead you to one of the most exciting beaches in the Philippines and in the world, I cannot bypass the possibility that if you are one of the tourists who are looking for ways to reach the enchanting Resort, so far, the above 3 modes are all you have.

They are not as specific as they should be so below is a little bit more detailed research I conducted that you can get to Bora. “I have a lot of relatives who live in the province of Panay, where you can find Boracay and I have been to that beach countless times already plus the fact that my cousins have a small restaurant and a “kamalig” resort inn near the shore.”

Air Transportation

If you are interested to get to Boracay using air transportation, here are 3 good ways to take. Try Asian Spirit – a local airways plane transport going to Caticlan Airport. from there, it is only minutes away using pump boats that are a regular transportation means that will take you to the Island proper to enjoy the white sand and the sun. Another way is via the Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR). Here is a good resource for Manila to Boracay flights.

Both air transport have their own daily schedules of trip to Caticlan airstrip which will eventually take you to about 5-minute boat travel to reach the final destination – an isolated island beach in Panay group of islands. Another interestingly popular flight (your 3rd choice) is via PAL flights to Kalibo Aklan. This will be accompanied after by about 1-1/2 hour of bus travel (if the bus is fast enough) or 2 hours (if the bus is not that fast) to Caticlan and then again, the regular ferry boat to the island beach.

Water Transportation

A good option, if you will come from Manila in going to Boracay Beach is to take the route using water transportation. Best way I know is to go for the Ferry boat trip from Batangas Pier or the Manila Bay Pier to Caticlan. Try to look for the WG&A Super Ferry schedules which will lead you to a twice a week schedule (I heard there are updated schedules this summer 2009 for advance rush tourist expectancy). Before, it’s a Monday and Saturday trips only. This ferry boat ride is estimated by the authorities I asked to last about 12 – 14 hours so you have to be sure to prepare for something you will need to embark on this long travel route to Boracay Beach Island resort.

RORO (roll-on / roll-off)

This mode of transportation to reach Boracay Island is nothing new especially to people with tight budget but would like to enjoy the travel in a bus and barge-carrying buses combined. This travel route is something different but for those who enjoy traveling a lot seeing places and the sea, longer, I dare you to try this because it’s worth it to take the RORO option. In this travel option, you can take 2 choices, one is to seek for the schedules (I will not mention any because they always change) of PHILTRANCO Bus in Manila (tel n0. 852-25-23/852-32-18). Call them for reservation options or you can find the bus terminal in Pasay City, EDSA.

They take passengers to Caticlan/Catiklan via the RORO system where the bus itself will embark hours of travel to the Batangas Pier and from there, your bus will be loaded in a bus-carrying ship that will bring you to Kalibo, Aklan and from there, you will again take the 1- 1/2 to 2-hour bus ride to Caticlan to again embark on the final 5-minute pump boat ride to the isolated island called Boracay Beach. With RORO system of transport, however, mind you that you can take your own car for your trip so you have an option to embark on a trip with the use of your own car but you will have to take the pain of sleeping uncomfortably in your car only or reserve yourself a cabin that will put you in extra cost.

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2 Responses to “How To Reach Boracay Beach Resort”

  • vilma says:

    My friend told me if I get a permit from the mayor’s office in Caticlan I can take my motorcycle to Boracay-Do you know about this?

  • Philippines Review says:

    Hello Vilma,

    From what I know, it can be allowed but I’m not sure of the exact process. Anyway, there is a local agency that handles everything about Boracay, you can ask for that local agency. My first cousin used to handle that agency for Boracay tourism but I’m not sure today, we haven’t been in touch for more than a year.

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