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Laguna Resort: Pansol Hidden Valley Monte Vista Palmridge Crystal Springs

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laguna resort philippines

These are the popular Laguna beach resorts and private pools that you can find in the different hidden places in Laguna provinces. Since it is summer once more, I decided to put up a short listing review and overview of the different beach resorts and private pools contained in this summer special package feature.

Of all, these Laguna resorts, perhaps the most heard and popular is from a place that is full of resorts – Pansol. Although many would say that this place is already used and abused, many resort owners have renovated their private pools and cottages as well as private rooms. They can now line up with some of the best in Laguna. Pansol resorts comprise some that I personally know of like El Pansolito, Villa Florencia, Villa Pansol, La Vista Pansol, Crystal Springs and more to name as I update this post in the future.

Other popular resorts line up like:

  • Splash Mountain
  • Hidden Valley
  • Monte Vista
  • Palmridge
  • Montague
  • Pagsanjan
  • Golden Sun
  • Villa Conrada
  • Grand Rotana Resort & Spa
  • Laguna Vista Resort
  • Amanpuri and Laguna Resorts
  • Jera Spring Resort
  • Allamanda Laguna Resort
  • Hidden Valley Springs
  • Blue Palm Resort
  • Laguna Resort Nusa Spa
  • Peace Laguna Resort Krabi
  • Laguna Resort Calirana
  • Batis ng Makiling
  • Laguna Hot Spring – Jordan Spring
  • El Castillo Royal
  • Rockpoint Hotel San Pablo Laguna
  • Rockpoint Hotspring, Pansol Calamba Laguna

(Some resorts featured here are Thai-based resorts)

For those who find more via online research, go get yourself online and search anytime. Great for a yearly summer plunge of local and foreign tourists that flock to any Laguna resort this list hopes to help. For those who don’t want their resort name or photo to appear in this blog, please contact me using the comment form below and I’d gladly remove them here. Names and images are property and ownership copyrighted to their respective owners.

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