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New 168 Shopping Mall

168 Shopping Mall Divisoria, Divisoria mall, tutuban, recto

Photo of 168 Shopping Mall Located in Recto Avenue Divisoria

Have you been to the new 168 Mall in Divisoria? If not, you better try to come over for size and to see how big this shopping center is compared to Divisoria Mall and Tutuban Center Mall. The old 168 mall is quite accommodating especially if you want to buy cheap clothes and toys as well as all sorts of household accessories, school supplies, personal stuff and more. But the thing is that Pinoys have always loved going to new malls around Metro Manila and I’d gladly suggest that you go the new 168 Mall which you can find in the corner of Recto Avenue and Tutuban.

I’ve been to the old one and I must say it’s really crowded back there especially today that it’s already the peak of the holiday season. In the new building however, stall are just starting to build up and lots of business owners are still setting up their stalls selling all sorts of goods and merchandise most of which are from either China or locally manufactured by Chinese entrepreneurs putting up small factories all over the China Town and Binondo area.

We’ve been to the New 168 Mall but as an initial tip, never put all your money in one pocket. Try to spread out your cash and if you have someone with you, might as well split up the loot so snatchers and pickpockets who are abound during holiday seasons will not be able to take all your money just in case you encounter them. So what are you waiting for, go now. We will be posting a short guide on how to get to the new 168 shopping mall in Divisoria on our next post.

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