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On our way to Guimaras Island, Iloilo and Buruanga Aklan

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It’s election day tomorrow, May 13, 2013 in the Philippines and the people are out to vote for the final senators to fill in the slot of outgoing public servants. We will be journeying out of Manila coming to Buruanga, Aklan first to vote for our official mayoralty bet, Quezon Labindao not just because he is the husband of my cousin, Inday Dela Pena Labindao but because he and his wife were the only ones who brought drastic positive changes to Poblacion, Buruanga, Aklan and its surrounding municipalities.

It’s probably just going to be a 1 day feat in there to make sure my father votes in his hometown which is just a 30 minute bus and ferry boat ride from Poblacion to Caticlan to Boracay resorts. The day after, we will be coming over to the island of the sweet mangoes, Guimaras, an isolated island which is still part of Iloilo. I am very excited because it is my first time which means that we might not be able to come over to enjoy the white sands of Boracay anymore this year. If the fiesta will push through this coming June, we probably will come back in my Papa’s hometown to celebrate.

After Guimaras, we will head back home to Manila in 3 more days making a 4 day treat for Mama too because it’s mother’s day. All the trip is courtesy of my loan agent sideline job proceeds and the Cebu Pacific promo flights if found while searching online and signing up for an account. I promise to come back to Manila with a renewed faith in making it to the top spot of the loan agents in the company I work for at the end of the year. A better plan and a bigger time investment for the passive income generating job of mine. My wife will be helping me with this one as well as Karen, my niece if she makes it to Manila as promised. This will definitely be great and better for all of us in Christmas and I can see it from here. Chiao!


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