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Places and Resorts to Visit in Cavite

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Looking for Cavite Resorts, I headed over to the Cavite City government official website and found great places to visit there including a few resorts to come to this summer. I listed below 2 exciting places good for the family to explore for a summer vacation and since I know that people are looking for exciting places to come to, you can now see below different resorts that might interest you.

Mt. Palay-palay and Mt. Mataas na Gulod

Two of the most popular destinations in this summer, Mt. Palay-palay and Mt. Mataas na Gulod can be found in Maragondon and Ternate. Fully supervised by the Mt. Palay-palay and Mataas na Gulod National Park (MPPMGNP), this two exciting places are truly a place to go to especially in summer. Another exciting place, the Pico De Loro which is the highest peak one ca reach among the series of mountains and hills joined together by the lands that are located within the boundary of Cavite and Batangas.

According to the old people I spoke to, this magical place is actually part of the Ternate naval military park in the early times. The highpoint being an advantage to military positioning is a strategic location for wars overlooking the famous landmark, Corregidor Island. According to the elders in the place, the highpoint served as the guard post or some sort of a light house by American and Filipino forces who defended that point from entry of the Japanese Naval army during the World War II.

The Tagaytay Ridge

A ridge is a high point, a high place where mostly mountains contain in the midst of the lush forest. The Tagaytay Ridge is not an exception in fact it is this part of the exciting places that Tagaytay City is proud of. Part of the crater of an ancient volcano, the Tagaytay Ridge is the portion of the crater that collapsed for some reason and elders believe that this particular landmark was the result of that natural disaster. Overlooking the Taal Volcano, today’s world’s smallest active volcano, the ridge offers to tourists and visitors descending panoramic view of one of world’s best renowned natural wonder. Here you can find picnic spots ideal for putting up a tent, this scenic spot include accommodation services as well as their recreational facilities.

Malibic-libic Falls in General Aguinaldo and Magallanes

The scenic cascading water coming from the Malibic-libic Falls is a site to adore and memory to remember. One of the best Cavite resorts yet hidden at the foot of unending stream, this is beauty at the serenity of nature. At its base where the water falls is where you can find a magical pool surrounded by different varieties of natural greenery from coconuts, to ferns, shrubs and other popular and unique oxygen-emitting plants.

The site of the border cascades down to smooth sailing yet swift water flowing off the river. The sound of the water ever making a more serene set up of a combination of sound from the birds and the flowing water. At the fat end of the stream is where you can find the purpose of the water falls – an irrigation ditch which we all know what it serves for.

Balite Falls in Amadeo

So you thought that resorts could come only in pools and beaches. Waterfalls have proven to be a top destination more than what you can find in private pools and private beach resorts in Cavite. For one, Puerto Azul is known for but this time, it’s the cool and clear water that matters. Balite Falls offers this at its magical water rushes through the stream down to where the river won’t end. You can find this great destination in Amadeo.

Balite Falls waters rush down and will converge into a natural pool. A pond that seem to divide into two distinct yet ideal swimming holes – one for an adult due to its deep water and one into a shallow pond that is ideal for children. Amadeo is also known for being the coffee capital of the Philippines so I bet that if you want to find something else, you can come over to other places asking for the elders. The people are good and hospitable there. It may not be what you expect if you are looking for private pools or a private beach but if you think that nature has left this city, you are wrong because in this part of the Philippines things can come in unexpected forms.


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