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Saarne Institute

Saarne Institute is first seen in the Orphan movie where it is used as the name of the establishment for the mentally ill or handicapped people. It is where the main character in Orphan movie is said to be residing.

In the Orphan movie, it is Esther who was the little girl placed in the institute which happened to be a fictitious institution made solely for the purpose of providing a seemingly true-to-life place that will fit the movie.

31 Responses to “Saarne Institute”

  • Kasey says:

    The Saarne Institute is NOT real. It was made up and used in the movie. Second of all, this is not based off a true story. Similar things may happen in this cruel world. Lastly, stop pretending to be Esther aka Leena Klammer! For goodness sakes, she is a made up character!

  • angelic1 says:

    Esther where art thou
    You wanna play together?
    Let’s lurk in the woods
    With sticks and stones
    But you lay a finger on me and I will break your bones
    You bring the hammer and iL bring a pick, hehe

  • angelic1 says:

    Btw Esther I’m not who I portay mysel to be
    I have special ribbons just like yours
    Let’s not turn these into nooses
    But first in best dressed – losers, alright!

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