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Top 10 Pilgrimage Site Destinations in the Philippines During Holy Week Aside from Churches and Common Holy Sites

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Holy week has passed as like any other employee looking to have solitary rest during holy week, I too need one. On my way as always to consult online using my 5 MBPS PLDT home internet, I searched Google. This is so that I can write this post which gives Pinoys one the best treats they deserve to have in solitude during the observance of lent. I have quite a few on my mind and list in a small travel notebook but I would love to expound more options and choices for this list so I could come up with my own top 10 best destinations for holy week observance and pilgrimage.

holy week destinations

Hey! It’s 2014 and how great it would be to start up with posting my list from the passed lenten season observance in the Philippines about my top (not necessarily) pilgrim destinations that would mostly be found hidden from many and known by a few while only being visited rarely but oozing with beauty and solitary homage where you can both reflect and enjoy summer and lent at the same time. Who said that lend is just all about lonely serious faces? They can be an outlet to have best of both worlds all the time with no excuses. After all, will God be jealous or mad at us if we enjoy life while reflecting on the season of holy lands and the life of Christ?

I haven’t had mine yet with the family but since me and my wife works at home, there’s no rush going with the crowd.  I am looking forward to have one later this month, April with 4 wonderful beings. For sure, others would love this list too as I am about to reveal unique (some of you might have) never before seen and weird (if I may say so) places that do exist in the country of 7,100 islands and more which we live in. Philippines is such a diversity and here is where you’ll start to think about it.

Internet Philippines List of Top 10 Pilgrimage Sites to Explore During Lent or Holy Week

Let me just remind you that I will never feature here places that are not natural, meaning, those swimming pool resorts that some of you must be conventionally thinking about. This will include only places either thought to be sacred by a few or really awesomely natural but somehow weird and different where you can possibly enjoy and have fun being with yourself with the highest possible opportunity of meditating and communing with nature. My top on the list is Davao, specifically, Surigao del Sur where many enchanted serene and seemingly solitary places we never knew existed in the Philippines.

1. Mt Banahaw – Bangkong Kahoy Valley

mount banahaw

2. Surigao del Sur’s Laswitan Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon of surigao del sur

3. Surigao del Sur’s Enchanted Blue River

surigao del sur's enchanted blue river

4. San Fernando Pampanga – Senakulo Center in the Philippines

senakulo in san fernando pampanga

5. Batanes – Marlboro, Naidi and Vayang Rolling Hills / Diura Fishing Vilage / Chawa Cave / House of Dakay  and Nakamaya Burial Grave of Ivatans

batanes tourist spots

6. Coron and El Nido Palawan – All beaches

el nido palawan

7. Palaui Island

palaui island

8. Calaguas Island in Daet Camarines Norte

calaguas island

9. Bantayan and Malapascua in Cebu

bantayan island

10.Holy Land in Tarlac

tarlac holy land

Please also do watch the videos about our top 10 Pilgrimage and tourist sites to visit in the Philippines during Holyweek.

Bohol Tourist Spot Videos

Laswitan Blue Lagoon

Hinatuan Enchanted Blue River

More exciting travel places in the Philippines do exist unexplored, undisturbed and undiscovered. Just waiting for the mindful eye to see. Explore the Philippines and find out the real beauty our country had. Next, I will be blogging about the first blue hole found in the Philippines by GMA 7 explorers and their program Born to Be Wild. It is a potential dive spot for enthusiasts and for marine biodiversity biologists to see and discover. Watch our 8 video feature from Born To Be Wild as we write about the beauty of this first ever blue hole found in the beautiful province of Romblon. A dive spot hidden from the curious eyes and a most unique paradise to discover yet.

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