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Top Summer Destination Resorts in Batangas

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So it’s summer once again and I bet you came to this post to seek for affordable accommodation for your trip to Batangas for their beautiful coastline where you can find resorts abound. With that search, I can definitely help you make the most out of your summer beach bumming with my list of Batangas resorts below. In the meantime, I’d like to help you out as fast as you need the information so I strongly suggest that you use my search box below for a fast find from our database list. Have fun!

Although popular in Batangas are Liya resorts, here is a large list of the different private and public beach resorts, just click here. I hope this helps some (if not all) of you who are looking for information about places to come over this summer vacation for some fun.

  • Al Fresco
    Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian
    Tel No.: 02.853.9322 or 02.854-3139 or 0916.4840820
  • Aguila
    Address: Anilao, Mabini,
    Tel No.: 043.410.0135
  • Andrea
    Address: Lobo
    Tel No.: 043.487.0422 or 0928.5057176 or 0906.7480084
  • Blue Coral
    Address: San Juan Laiya
    Tel No.: 02.8339198 or 02.833.7418 or 02.490.6961or 02480.4535
  • Blueroze Farms Parks & Wildlife
    Address: Purok 6, Lodlod, Lipa City
    Tel No.: 043.756.5452 or 043.312.4705 or 0927.4584120
  • Bonito Island Resort
    Address: Pisa Tingloy
    Tel No.: 02.812.2292 or 02.812.2294 or 02.812.2295
  • Casa Remo Apartelle
    Address: Laiya Aplaya, San Juan,
    Tel No.: 0920.9326077
  • Club Balai Isabel
    Address: Talisay
    Tel No.:
  • Darasa Fiesta
    Address: 791 President Laurel Highway, Bo. Darasa, Tanauan
    Tel No.: 043.778.5354 or 043.778.5960
  • El Madero Farm
    Address: Bagong Pook, Lipa City & Mataas na Kahoy
    Tel No.: 0916.4779957 or 0917.7944300
  • Golden Sunset
    Address: Calatagan, Resort
    Tel No.: 02.672.2159 or 02.672.2160 or 02.672.2162 or 02.672.2196
  • Honey Beach
    Address: Lobo
    Tel No.: 0916.4329713 or 0920.5175178 or 0920.2937889
  • Johndel Beach
    Address: Naugbu
    Tel No.: 02.853.5412 or 02.851.2880
  • Kabayan
    Address: Bgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan
    Tel No.: 02.924.2527 or 0917.6279357 or 0917.8963312
  • La Luz Beach
    Address: San Juan, Batangas, Barrio of Hugom
    Tel No.: 02.744.4819 or 02.726.4977
  • La Luz Labas
    Tel No.: 0920.6192060
  • Laiya Coco Grove
    Address: Km.20 Brgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan
    Tel No.: 02.894.1057 or 02.892.6009
  • Maharlika Beach
    Address: 7310 Looc, Bagalangit, Mabini
    Tel No.: 0919.7674816
  • Matabungkay Beach
    Address: Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian
    Tel No.: 0917.83412 69 or 0919.5400265
  • Palm Beach Resort (La Frondosa)
    Address: Bo. Hugom, San Juan
    Tel No.: 02.850.9544 or 02.842-8995
  • Pier Uno
    Tel No.: 02.743.7576 or 0917.8081877
  • Ron’s Garden
    Address: Calatagan
    Tel No.: 0920.820.4527
  • Ronco Beach
    Address: Parola Road, Calatagan
    Tel No.: 0917.5372061
  • Sabangan Beach
    Address: Brgy. Laiya, San Juan
    Tel No.: 02.914.0848
  • Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya
    Address: Nasugbu
    Tel No.:
  • San Roque Beach
    Address: Buco, Talisay
    Tel No.: 043.773.0271 or 0919.3107976
  • Shercon
    Address: Brgy. San Sebastian, M-Kahoy
    Tel No.: 0917.5061204
  • Sigayan Bay
    Address: Brgy, Laiya-Aplaya San Juan
    Tel No.: 0917.9441731 or 0920.9529517 or 0920.9329625
  • Sunrise Cove
    Address: Calatagan
    Tel No.: 0920.8400534
  • Tali Beach House
    Address: Nasugbu
    Tel No.: 0920.9023315 or 0917.8157395
  • Taramindu Beach Garden Inn
    Address: Laiya, San Juan
    Tel No.: 02.448.5611 or 0917.8240024
  • Tivona Beach
    Tel No.: 0917.8007309 or 0910.2968323
  • Unnamed
    Address: Brgy Burot, Calatagan
    Tel No.:
  • Verde Island
    Tel No.: 02.750.0466 or 02.750.0470
  • Villa Violeta Beach Vacation Villa
    Address:La Playa, Laiya
    Tel No.:
  • Vistamar Beach
    Address: San Jose, Anilao, Mabini
    Tel No.: 0917.5044831
  • White Castle
    Address: Balibago, Calatagan
    Tel No.: 0906.3035540 or 0929.3446890

With this large listing, I hope you enjoy the summer fun and have a good time. For other resorts near Metro Manila, you can visit our Travel Category.

Additional fun? Why not try the ever popular Batangas lomi. I have tasted so many street foods in the Ala Eh province but so far, nothing beats the hot chili soy sauce with calamansi and minced onion combined with the taste of sticky soupy lomi ng Batangas filled with egg and a variety of Chinese kikiam, squid balls and meat drenched in chicharon baboy sprinkles. In case you’ve never heard about the exotic small business restaurants near SM and Robinsons in Lipa, just ask locals and from there you can also visit Balete in BSU (Batangas State University), Levitown going to Bulacnin where you can find the best raw pure honey in town.

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  • Club Balai Isabel says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for including Club Balai Isabel on this list! I noticed that there is no contact information for Club Balai Isabel, so I will provide it here:
    ph. 02 7761521, 02 5844157, 043 7280307

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