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Where to Go in Baguio City – Popular Baguio Tourist Spots

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Places to go in Baguio City, this is a very popular question as tourists and vacation fanatics try to look for some of the popular Baguio City tourist spots to come to this holiday season of 2008. According to the news tonight, the number of tourists who came to popular tourist spots in Baguio doubled up from 75 thousand last year 2007 to 150 thousand tourists. This sudden increase even brought the main business routes to Baguio City into high traffic street levels like Session Road and other main thorough fares.

This increase of tourist who came to Baguio tourist spots is due to the very long vacation that was earlier implemented by the Philippine government and the increase in the OFWs coming home to the Philippines from different parts of the world. This is the first ever longest vacation of all workers in the Philippines and is a record-breaking longes vacation ever in the country. Tourist spots in Baguio because of this were filled and flooded with different tourists, a few of them even waited in the famous place by the president who was expected to come over for the long vacation.

For those looking on where to go in Baguio City like what hotels to stay and get accommodations and resorts, inns, lodging houses and restaurants, you can always try to see for clickthecity because it is where you can find some of the best information about where to go in Baguio City or what particular tourist spots to come to in Baguio for the holidays or for the vacation. This summer, however, it is expected that tourists will once again pour down for a vacation to the coolest place in the Philippines that is popular for summer vacation – Baguio City tourist spots and hotels. Some of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio City are Burnham Park, Teresa Vegetable Plantation, Rice Terraces, Sagada, Baguio Strawberry Fields and more.

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