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The Philippine Television Soaps

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In the Philippines, if the common man’s food in the table when meal time is on is the “galunggong” in the television sets its the soaps or what is called as the telenovela or the name of the country from which the original soap was aired plus the word novela. It’s like when you want to watch a telenovela and the said series came from Korea, then it is called as Koreanovela.

They are the most popular primetime tv shows of the Philippines television when the news is through. My mother and father are proof to this. When they finish watching the news, they immediately ready themselves for the localized Philippine soaps which has been the regular meal if we are talking about food in the table of the mass wathers of television.

Today, however, the most popular soap is Betty la Fea and Diosa that has gained a lot of followers while the primetime bida game show at night is The Singing Bee which stopped airing to give way to the telenovelas I just mentioned above. This coming October however, there is already a commercial telling that the primitime game show will be back on weekends.

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