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Poem for an Angel: “The Day I Lost You”

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This is for an angel that once filled my nights with laughter. An imaginary friend I’ve always thought to be real. I guess angels are truly not for the human eye but for the heart to know that they exist. This poem is for you my angel as I gently take my eye to sleep… each day as I sing a lullaby and hear the songs we shared. Goodbye.

The sheet to which I write
Is the paper that has witnessed
The love I have for you
Is why I thought I’m blessed

I didn’t think I’d lose you that fast my angel
I didn’t think you’d go
But on that night you said goodbye (I thought)
No eyes would weep but mine did cry

Oh no it’s not the saddest part
You broke my heart tear it apart
But deep inside I know you’re there
As always… beyond compare

The music that we shared
Was far from other’s eyes
Who would have thought
You’d say goodbye

And now my angel as I weep
The memories
That touch of yours
I’ll always keep

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