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Sun Cellular Numbers

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If you want to know if a cellphone user is using Sun cellular / cellphone number, here are the details. Read them below. As of now, 2010, there are only 4 sets of starting digits for Sun Cellular numbers. You can distinguish the users if their cellphone numbers are starting from any of the 4 sets of starting 4 digit numbers.

0922 / 0923 and 0932 / 0933

New Sun sim cards are now using the 0932 and 0933 while the older sims are using 0922 and 0923. I hope this detailed list will help people know in an instant or learn if the number who sent them a txt message or called them came from a Sun cellular network or sim or now. This is specifically important if you are going to send a text through Sun unli txt or if you are making a call through Sun unli calls service.

The listed 4-digit starting numbers above will help anyone distinguish a Sun Cellular number from Smart, Talk and Txt, Globe, Addict Mobile, Red Mobile and Touch Mobile as well as other networks in the Philippines.

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