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Seaman Loan Requirements and How to Qualify for 1 Day Release Loan

Personal loan in the Philippines today is taking a big leap. As an experienced professional loan consultant, I only know 2 loan products by far that offer 1 day release processing. These are the ofw seaman loan and car loan. Although the latter which is one of the most popular collateral loan offer by banks […]

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10 Ways in Finding Seaman Loan with Lowest Interest Rate and 1 Day Release

It’s a sad development that even if efforts by the Aquino government to better the service to Filipino seafarers through MARINA the application of certificates and documents, the agency still failed to come up with a working practice or procedure to ease out the processing of acquisition of documents like seaman book (SIRB) and certification […]

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3 Best Awesome Ideas for Wedding Favors, Souvenirs, Giveaways and Memorabilia that will Make your Guests Wow your Kasal in the Philippines

“Kasal” is Filipino’s word for wedding in Tagalog (Pilipino) On your way to plan for a wedding and can’t come up with a bright idea to use in giving as your wedding souvenir / giveaway / memorabilia for guests and visitors? Here’s a list of our 10 best wedding gifts that you can use to […]

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Bato Springs Resort – Failed Mother’s Day Outing for the Worst Nature Resort in Laguna on Weekend

If you are out to enjoy in a resort in Laguna for an outing or perhaps to celebrate a special occasion like Mother’s Day, don’t! It’s all because we’ve recently celebrated the event in Bato Springs Resort in Cristobal San Pablo, Laguna. What we found out was way beyond what we expected from the photos […]

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Banahaw – A Pilgrim’s Holy Place, A Mountaineer’s Jewel and A Manilenyo’s Paradise

Mt. Banahaw can be accessed of its different take off points around the foot of the mountain in Laguna and Quezon but the trails via a trek is really what is challenging mountaineers looking forward to explore the mysticism of the holy mountain. A couple of days ago, I went out to explore one of […]

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10 Best Ways on How to Test Purity of Honey – Know if it’s Raw, Organic and Natural

First of all, flavors are not bad when we speak of honey but testing its purity is something that we all must know in order to verify if what we will buy or intake in our body is safe and will give us all the advantage we need for use in order to harness all […]

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New List of SSS Contribution Table for 2014

A new SSS contribution has taken effect 4 months ago. This means a new SSS contribution table is also issued by the Social Security System effective this year, 2014. In this new list, expect that a 0.6% monthly member contribution rate will be charged to all private employees, self employed, voluntary paying members as well […]

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How to Become a Full Pledged Seaman in the Philippines – Training Course, Requirements, Salary

Becoming a full time seafarer in the Philippines and earning big money by working in luxury ships, cargo vessel or any shipping lines traveling overseas is not as easy as many Pinoys think. But just a couple of months ago, ABS-CBN revealed that chances of becoming a full pledged seafarer is not just for those […]

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How To Register a Business in the Philippines – Step by Step Guide in Processing

The easy way is always what Pinoys like to go for and when it comes to registering a business in the Philippines, there is an easy stress-free way to go over with it. It’s just that please understand that it doesn’t include the whole requirement and process of doing it. It is just the initial […]

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Romblon Blue Hole: Top Hidden Dive Spot in the Philippines for Marine Bio Diversity Sighting

I’ve seen Palawan’s Tubbataha Reef, Apo Reef, Ariel’s Point in Boracay near Buruanga Aklan in a video but the Romblon Blue Hole is definitely something magical and different and worth the sight for a diver’s dream dive spot in the Philippines. Very few know that the first blue hole was already discovered near the coastal […]

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